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Barbershop Intro Package

Boy, is the beard grooming market booming right now! We’re excited to see so much manly mane love!

Unfortunately, so are shady “beard grooming” companies ... and they are fully aware of how to take advantage of it. 

In fact, the beard grooming market in the U.S. is saturated with cheap products that were made in China. These products are made with ingredients that not only irritate skin, but can stunt beard growth, cause patchiness and, even worse, cause beard hair loss.

It’s no surprise that the biggest complaints men had about their beard in a recent survey was uneven growth, slow growth and patchiness!

At The Rugged Brothers, quality is non-negotiable. That's why we only use the finest ingredients that support beard growth and health

That means we use NO: mineral oil, silicone, sulfates, phosphates, parabens or colorants. 

We are on a mission to bring quality back to the American men's grooming market so men can look and feel like the rugged heroes they are! 

Thousands of happy customers and 5-Star reviews means your clients will like it too! 


2 American-Made Beard Moisturizers, 

2- Unscented Moroccan Beard Oils, 

2- 100% Boar's Hair Beard Brushes 

PLUS, you get a brush free! (Retail value of $24.99!) 

Your cost: Only $59.99.

Retails for: $154.93 

Make money, keep your customers happy and keep those beards growing. 

Become a Rugged Brother's retailer today! 

More about our products..... 

UNIQUE DESIGN: 100% Boar's Hair Beard Brush 


 Sophisticated yet rugged, makes a statement on your shelf, and every time you pick it up

  100% WILD BOAR BRISTLE - No cheap plastic, nylon, or synthetic bristles that reduce its effectiveness

  PERFECT SHAPE - The entire brush is designed with a slight curve to hug your face and beard

  HARDWOOD HANDLE - Giving you a more substantial feel in your hand than cheap bamboo or beechwood. Hand crafted to fit your customer's needs. 

  SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP - Each brush is meticulously made by hand, ensuring your complete satisfaction


  FINEST INGREDIENTS: 100% Moroccan Unscented Beard Oil 


  FINEST INGREDIENTS - Made from authentic 100% pure Moroccan organic argan oil and jojoba oil, rich in antioxidants.

  ULTIMATE MOISTURIZING - Penetrates deep into the skin and sinks into the hair follicles themselves, leaving your beard smooth and manageable.

  SCENT FREE - Does your beard need to smell like grass clippings or buttered popcorn? We don’t think so either.

  NO HARSH CHEMICALS - We don’t use any mineral oil, silicone, sulfate, phosphate, parabens, or colorants in our products. 


 Moisturize and Hydrate


Same great formula, but now to support our local community during these tough times, this is a limited-edition American-Made Beard Moisturizer! 100% on American soil- and made in a factory who hires vets! 

 FINEST INGREDIENTS - Made only using the finest ingredients, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids (Omega-6, Omega-9, and Linoleic Acid).

  SOOTHE ITCHING & IRRITATION - Packed with Vitamin E, this beard softener will eliminate itch and irritation, as well as minimize flaking.

  MOISTURIZE & HYDRATE - Lock in natural moisture, formulated specifically to keep your beard hydrated and healthy all day long. No greasy residue either.

  NO HARSH CHEMICALS - We don’t use any mineral oil, silicone, sulfate, phosphate, parabens, or colorants in our products.