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Beard Oil and Balm Bundle

  • 2 FREE Products when you buy 1 Beard Oil

    Limited time offer: Buy 1 Fragrance-Free Beard Oil for 14.99, and we'll send you 1 FREE bottle of our 5-star rated Beard Balm and 1 FREE bottle of our Tobacco Vanilla scented Beard Oil.

    Yep, you're getting TWO FREE products! Your beard won't be the only thing feeling incredible - your wallet will too!

    This Beard Care Bundle will tame your dry, frizzy, flake-filled beard so you can look and feel like the ruggedly sophisticated gent you truly are.

    What's in the bundle?

      1 Bottle of Fragrance-Free Beard Oil (2 oz): No junk. No BS. Just pure quality in every luxurious drop. The Rugged Bros Beard Oil is a carefully crafted blend of Moroccan oil and all-natural oils that keep your beard healthy and looking spectacular. Functioning as both a beard conditioner and a beard softener, our beard oil is an essential part of your beard care regimen. For the best beard oil on the market, use The Rugged Bros beard oil!

      FREE 1 Bottle of Tobacco Vanilla scented Beard Oil (2 oz): Just as effective and nourishing as our Fragrance Free Beard Oil, except this is accompanied by the warm, alluring and distinguished scent of Tobacco Vanilla.

      FREE 1 jar of Beard Balm: Made with a perfect blend of oils and butters to condition beard hairs, while mixed with beeswax to tame frizz and flyaways.

    Grab your bundle now, they're limited and going fast!

    Offer only valid when you purchase through this webpage - no substitutions.

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