Mustache Wax

  •   ALL DAY HOLD: The strength you need to train your stache to look its epic rugged best all day, every day. Never sticky or tacky because it’s free from gross chemicals and petroleum. Only a smidge needed - a small amount goes a long way to provide staunch security.

      NATURE'S BEST INGREDIENTS: You deserve the highest level mustache care direct from nature’s bounty. When you put a mustache care product so close to your mouth, it’s gotta be non-toxic with no petroleum-based goop. To create this mustache wax, we raided nature’s pantry. Pure white beeswax ensures a firm, clean hold. Shea butter plus argan, jojoba & almond oils provide glorious mustache conditioning. Avocado, vitamin E, (plus others) bring moisture without the grease.

      HANDCRAFTED VETERAN GOODNESS: Proudly and meticulously crafted in the USA in a Veteran-owned facility. Our nation’s finest have gone the extra mile to handcraft this mustache wax with no unpleasant chemicals that can irritate the skin around your mouth. Plus there are no chemical fumes to burn your eyes and nostrils all day long.

      EASY TO WASH OUT: Our mustache wax is a snap to wash off with just soap and water. Unlike other waxes, there’s no crunchy crust to break and no need for any special cleansers to strip away greasy gunk – and strip away your mustache’s life and vitality in the process. For best results, apply the wax to a clean, dry mustache.

      60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand by all our products and offer a 100%, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked! If you’re not entirely happy with The Rugged Bros Mustache Wax, just reach out and we'll take good care of you.

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