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About Us

The Rugged Bros have designed their products to be in a class of their own.  The company is based in New York City where the Rugged Brothers, Wes and Joseph Townsend, call home.  Wes and Joseph have been in design and manufacturing for years and finally decided to stop working for the man, and get rugged.

The inspiration of the brand was designed to speak to the modern hero.  He is complex and multilayered.  The same man that drives a motorcycle to yoga class.  The brand is meant to defy convention.

Every man is unique, and so are our offerings.  We source only the finest, hand-made, products that stand above the rest.  The key to our success is not sacrificing quality.  Period.  If we can't make it the best, we won't make it at all.

You can check out our social stuff and be a rugged hero.