Beard Oil - Fragrance Free (2 oz)

Tame that wild beard! Get sexier than you ever imagined or your money back! Thousands of customers trust The Rugged Bros with their beard grooming needs.

The Rugged Bros beard oil is a carefully crafted blend of Moroccan oil and all natural oils, to keep your beard healthy and looking spectacular. Functioning as both a beard conditioner and a beard softener, our beard oil is an essential part of your beard care regimen. For the best beard oil on the market, use The Rugged Bros fragrance free beard oil!

  •   FINEST INGREDIENTS - Made from authentic 100% pure Moroccan organic argan oil and jojoba oil, rich in antioxidants.

      ULTIMATE MOISTURIZING - Penetrates deep into the skin and sinks into the hair follicles themselves, leaving your beard smooth and manageable.

      SCENT FREE - Does your beard need to smell like grass clippings or buttered popcorn? We don’t think so either.

      NO HARSH CHEMICALS - We don’t use any mineral oil, silicone, sulfate, phosphate, parabens, or colorants in our products.

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