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100% Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush

  NOT FLAT LIKE OTHER BEARD BRUSHES - Just like your face and beard, our boar bristle beard brush is curved to rugged perfection. The curved base AND boar bristles give you superior detangling and styling results.

  MEDIUM FIRM & TAPERED BRISTLES - The bristles on most beard brushes are all cut to one length. Not good. We've crafted ours with mixed bristle lengths so every epic beard hair gets boar bristle love. This effectively distributes natural sebum oil for a noticeably softer and healthier beard. 

  100% NATURAL WILD BOAR BRISTLES - Our 100% natural boar bristle brush efficiently tames, shapes, and softens your beard while removing dandruff and flakes. Leaving you with a kissably soft beard in less time. 

  LUXURY BEARD BRUSH - The luxury beard brush for the rugged gent who takes grooming seriously! Every brush comes in a cool, elegant, sturdy box. The perfect gift idea for the truly worthy bearded legend in your life, so he'll always look studly. 

  OUR COMMITMENT - Try our Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush. Not only will you see a noticeable difference, but you'll feel like a bearded king. If you are not bristling with happiness (like 100% happy), just reach out to us and we will take good care of you! 

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