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Beard Oil - Citrus & Spice

  • Make others envy your beard’s glory. This Beard Oil will tame your wild, frizzy, scratchy, flake-filled beard so you can look and feel like the distinguished gent you truly are.

    The Rugged Bros Beard Oil is a carefully crafted blend of natural oils that will keep your beard healthy, manageable and spectacularly touchable. Because it works as both a beard conditioner and a beard softener, our Beard Oil is an essential part of your beard care regimen. 

    Thousands of customers trust The Rugged Bros with their beard grooming – because we take bearding as seriously as you do.

    •   SUPREME BEARDING: A Beard Oil packed with nourishing ingredients for beard & skin. Rough, wild, dry facial hair is done! Penetrates deep for smooth manageability. Free from harmful additives. Uses naturally sourced oils.

        RESURRECT YOUR LIFELESS BEARD: Say hello to the smooth, soft, studly, touchably healthy beard you’ve always wanted. With this Beard Oil, you’ll tame wiry, pesky flyaways and banish beardruff, beard itch and flaking skin. Even the burliest beard will bow down to the power of this Beard Oil!

        CLASSIC SCENT: Like you just stepped out of the best pro barbershop. The warm, alluring and distinguished citrus and spice scent in this beard oil has an all-day fresh aroma that’s like bringing the rugged outdoors inside. OR… if you prefer the unadulterated pheromones of pure YOU, we’ve got you covered with our Unscented Beard Oil.

        MADE IN THE USA: The all-American Beard Oil for men! Proudly made in America with superior workmanship and ingredients. This beard softener showcases America’s best. Guaranteed no traces of nasty mineral oil, silicone, sulfates, phosphate, parabens or colorants.

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