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Barbershop Style Beard Balm - NEW!!

Ever wondered why some beards look so thick and nicely styled? Here's a great trick! 

The Rugged Bros beard balm was specially crafted in Moroccan with pure oils and ingredients from the source.  Not only will it tame the frizzy wild hairs and allow you to give your beard shape, but our products will also make your beard healthier!

  •   FINEST INGREDIENTS - Made with an perfect blend of oils and butters to condition the hairs while mixed with beeswax to tame it. 

      ULTIMATE MOISTURIZING - Don't just use wax! Wax alone can leave unwanted residue and strip the hairs of necessary oils from excessive washing. Our special conditioning blend will do what it says, while also moisturizing

      LIGHTLY SCENTED - Does your beard need to smell all day in your face? Well it could, or it could lightly touch the senses and not overpower... we thought that was a finer choice

      NO HARSH CHEMICALS - We don’t use any mineral oil, silicone, sulfate, phosphate, parabens, or colorants in our products.

    Find out why men choose The Rugged Brothers, try our new barbershop style beard balm today!

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