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Finest Ingredients. Soothe Itching & Irritation. Moisturize & Hydrate. No Harsh Chemicals.

The Essential Kit Every Beard Needs

Deluxe Beard Care Grooming Kit (4 piece)

  • Make others envy your beard’s glory. This Beard Care Kit will tame your wild, frizzy, scratchy, flake-filled beard so you can look and feel like the distinguished gent you truly are.

    Thousands of customers trust The Rugged Bros with their beard grooming – because we take bearding as seriously as you do.

    •  OUR BEARD GROOMING KIT INCLUDES - 100% Boar's Hair Beard Brush and Gift Box, 2oz Unscented Beard Oil, Our Limited Edition AMERICAN-MADE Beard Moisturizer and an 8oz Unscented Beard Wash.

       ULTIMATE MOISTURIZING - Wild, tough, dry, unruly facial hair doesn't stand a chance! Our beard oil and beard conditioner penetrates deep into the skin and sinks into the hair follicles themselves leaving your beard smooth and manageable. Great to use with balms and waxes for extra control. 

       BEARD SOFTENER & CONDITIONER - Our beard oil and wash are made with 100% organic virgin argan oil, and jojoba oil, rich in natural Vitamin E and antioxidants. The results will be eliminating itching and dandruff (beard druff), and priming beard growth.

       CURVED BRUSH DESIGN - Your face isn't flat, is it? Your hand isn't either right? Why would you want a FLAT brush? Unlike our competitors, this brush is CURVED to hug your face, and fit naturally in your hand, making styling and shaping your facial hair easy. 

       PERFECT GIFT - No wrapping needed! Each item comes prepackaged in a stunning classic gift box.

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