Finest Ingredients. Soothe Itching & Irritation. Moisturize & Hydrate. No Harsh Chemicals.

The Essential Beard Care Kit

Deluxe Beard Care Grooming Kit (4 piece)

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  • This epic Beard Care Kit will tame your wild, frizzy, scratchy, flake-filled beard so you can look and feel like the bearded king you truly are.

    Thousands of customers trust The Rugged Bros with their beard grooming – because we take bearding as seriously as you do.

    This Beard Care Kit Includes:

    Unscented Beard Oil (2oz): Wild, stiff, dry, and unruly facial hair doesn't stand a chance! Our natural beard oil penetrates deep into the skin and sinks into hair follicles for results that leave your beard smooth and manageable. Made with organic virgin argan oil, and jojoba oil and rich in natural Vitamin E and antioxidants, this beard oil eliminates itching and beard dandruff (beardruff), and primes beard growth to be freaking epic.

    Beard Oil benefits: Hydrates and softens beardtames frizz and flyaways

    100% Boar's Hair Beard Brush & Gift Box: Your face isn't flat, is it? Your hand isn't either, right? Why would you want a FLAT brush? This wild boar bristle beard brush is CURVED to hug your rugged face so every epic beard hair gets boar bristle love.

    Boar's Hair Beard Brush benefits:

    Beard Moisturizer (4oz): This Beard Moisturizer will level up your beard game. It works like a leave-in beard conditioner and is packed with the highest quality, naturally nourishing ingredients. A soft, healthy beard is an awesome beard! Our Beard Moisturizer promotes healthy and full beard growth, cranks up its health, and will instantly make your beard oh so soft, shiny and touchable.

    Beard Moisturizer benefits: Moisturizessoftensde-frizzesreduces weird flyawayssoothes itching & irritation eliminates skin flaking provides noticeable results

    Unscented Beard Wash (8oz): You've gotta keep your beard clean and smelling fresh, man. Why not condition and smooth that puppy out at the same time? This Beard Wash was formulated specifically to lock-in moisture and keep your beard (and skin) hydrated and healthy all day long. Won’t strip your beard of natural oils or make it dry, crunchy & flaky. One wash brings soft, shiny, manageable, tangle-free awesomeness. Yep, it's pretty damn epic.

    Beard Wash benefits: Cleanssoftenspreserves natural sebum oilde-frizzesnourishes and hydrates beard hair and the skin beneath

      60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand by all our products and offer a 100%, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked! If you’re not entirely happy with your Deluxe Beard Care Kit, just reach out and we'll take good care of you.

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