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Finest Ingredients. Soothe Itching & Irritation. Moisturize & Hydrate. No Harsh Chemicals.

The Essential Beard Care Kit

Deluxe Beard Care Grooming Kit (4 piece)

  • Make others envy your beard’s glory. This Beard Care Kit will tame your wild, frizzy, scratchy, flake-filled beard so you can look and feel like the distinguished gent you truly are.

    Thousands of customers trust The Rugged Bros with their beard grooming – because we take bearding as seriously as you do.

    •  OUR BEARD CARE KIT INCLUDES - (1) 100% Boar's Hair Beard Brush and Gift Box, (1) 2oz Unscented Beard Oil, (1) 4oz Beard Moisturizer and a (1) 8oz Unscented Beard Wash.

       ULTIMATE MOISTURIZING - Wild, tough, dry, unruly facial hair doesn't stand a chance! Our beard oil and beard conditioner penetrate deep into the skin and sinks into the hair follicles themselves leaving your beard smooth and manageable.

       BEARD SOFTENER & CONDITIONER - Our beard oil and wash are made with 100% organic virgin argan oil, and jojoba oil, rich in natural Vitamin E and antioxidants. The results will be eliminating itching and dandruff (bearddruff), and priming beard growth.

       CURVED BRUSH DESIGN - Your face isn't flat, is it? Your hand isn't either right? Why would you want a FLAT brush? Unlike our competitors, this brush is CURVED to hug your face, and fit naturally in your hand, making styling and shaping your facial hair easy. 

       PERFECT GIFT - No wrapping needed! Each item comes prepackaged in a stunning classic gift box.

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