March 14, 2022

Oils ain’t oils - at least not when it comes to beard care. In the world of beard oils, the very best simply must include the Rolls Royce of ingredients – argan oil.

Using argan oil on your beard and mustache provides a host of amazing benefits and enables you to work smarter instead of harder to tame and condition your facial hair and skin.

For centuries, argan oil has been regarded as liquid gold because its properties help condition and hydrate facial hair, soften and moisturize skin, reduce beard itch, banish split ends, and eliminate skin flakiness that causes beardruff. 

Let’s dive deeper and discuss 7 incredible benefits of using argan oil on your beard and exactly why it is the key ingredient in our Beard Oil.

1. Moisturizes and Nourishes Beard and Skin

Think of argan oil as your personal rejuvenator for your beard, mustache and facial skin. It’s packed with vitamin E (linked to cell regeneration), vitamin A, Omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and linoleic acid, making it incredible for:

  • skin hydration and clarity
  • promoting thick, luscious, lustrous beard growth
  • conditioning facial whiskers to be silky soft
  • reducing growth of yeast and fungus
  • banishing beard acne
  • Bonus - reducing the look of wrinkles and inflammatory shaving reactions

There’s an amazing paradox, too… even though it’s an oil, it won’t clog your pores or promote bacteria and breakouts.

    2. Sleek, Easy Taming and Styling

      Argan oil puts other oils in the shade when it comes to grooming, styling and adding healthy shine to a beard. Its unique properties:

      • easily tame frizz and pesky, unruly flyaways
      • make styling and shaping a breeze
      • enable your beard brush to glide through effortlessly
      • condition hairs to have a sleek, awesome shine.

        3. Banishes Dry, Itchy, Flaky Skin

          The softening, soothing properties of argan oil on your beard and mustache also go to work on your skin to eliminate beard itch.

          This is especially a godsend in the first month or so of growing a new beard, when it can itch and make you touch and scratch your face all day long. Many guys think they don’t need beard oil at this early stage, but it’s essential. Argan oil puts an end to any thoughts of giving up on bearding because of the itch. 

          With daily application of a beard oil that includes argan oil, a beard and the skin beneath become softer, smoother and clearer. Argan oils vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants ensure pores and follicles stay free of flakes and bacteria, reducing the chance of acne breakouts.

            4. Beardruff Control

              The more your beard itches, the more you scratch. This often causes more and more dry skin to flake off and cause unsightly beardruff. Enter argan oil for your beard’s relief. Moisturized skin won’t crack and flake. And argan oil is readily absorbed deep into the skin, which provides you with the hydration needed, while preventing it from feeling greasy.

                5. Smooths Out a Patchy Beard

                  If you have bald areas in your beard or mustache, argan oil helps you brush and tame them straight and long so they look fuller and thicker. By locking essential moisture against each hair, the oil makes it easier to shape and style.

                  Furthermore, it promotes healthy hair follicles which will then grow healthier, thicker whiskers.

                    6. Acne Relief

                      Beard acne is caused by excessive levels of natural sebum oil produced by the skin. Where there are hair follicles, sebum is produced. Too much sebum causes dirt, skin flakes and bacteria to concentrate around pores and follicles, where they become infected. 

                      After cleansing your beard and mustache with a quality beard wash, argan oil can help improve skin health by reducing cracking and flaking and soothing any inflammation to keep pores and follicles clear.

                        7. Reduces Razor Burn and Rash

                          A little argan oil before and after shaving is so soothing. The razor glides effortlessly and nasty shaving rash, razor burn and razor bumps are a thing of the past. It even helps with leg shaving. That’s right ladies… a beard oil is good for your bathroom beauty routine too!

                          Argan Oil for Your Beard: Your Next Steps

                          Want some argan oil for your beard? Or perhaps some argan oil for your mustache?

                          The good news is you don’t need to go looking for it. You’ll find it in your go-to beard oil, as well as in a high-quality beard wash and beard balm. It’s a real multitasker.

                          Just follow directions and cleanse properly first. Then, just two or three drops are pretty much all you need to bring argan’s nourishing, hydrating properties to your beard and face. Massage it down to the skin and brush thoroughly with a luxurious wild boar bristle beard brush to distribute the oil thoroughly and evenly.

                          Reapply oil when dryness strikes.

                          That’s all you need to do to reap argan oil’s benefits and keep your beard sleek and soft.

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