March 24, 2023

Let’s face it, choosing gifts for a dude can be a massive challenge, right? Whether it be for your hubby, boyfriend, dad or just a friend, finding a gift that isn’t lame is like finding a needle in a haystack. There’s only so many socks, t-shirts, caps or golf balls you can give before he says a weird thank you through that phony “I just got a crap gift” smile.

But if your special guy has a beard – or is thinking of growing one – his days of doing that present face are over! You can’t go wrong with a Rugged Bros gift set of beard care products. Trust the guys with a lifetime of bearding experience – and the products they’ve developed from all that knowledge – to steer you right.

And if your man is brand new to bearding, with one of the gift sets below, you’ll be giving him the gift of the facial hair he’s always dreamed of. 

Plus, if he’s your romantic partner, you get benefits as well. You get a man with a beard that’s so touchably silky, so beckoningly shiny, and so irresistibly aromatic.

Check out some of our gift ideas to make him look and feel like a King.

Bearding 101: Beards are Needy and Require Regular Care

It’s a fact of life that every beard - no matter how long or short - needs regular washing, oiling and brushing. Without these things, that beard can quickly become brittle and wiry… or dry and flaky… or itchy and frizzy… or lank and greasy… or even stinky.

Any man who’s had a beard for a while will know this and is accustomed to the daily grooming routine.

What he really needs for his next special occasion is a gift set of just the right combo of premium American-made beard care products.

1) For the New-to-Bearding Man…



This Beard Care Kit is a great gift for the new or potential beardster who needs to learn about growing a beard beyond the basic concept of stopping shaving.

In the early stages of growing a beard, a dude may have an itchy face or may experience flaky skin or may simply feel irritated by the new hairs poking and scratching him. This kit will relieve those issues and help him on the pathway to comfortable bearding greatness.

You get:

  • Unscented Beard Wash – The only face wash you’ll ever need when you have a beard. Wash away grease, grime and bacteria without stripping your face’s natural essential sebum oil. Unscented so as to satisfy the most sensitive of noses and allergies.
  • Unscented Beard Oil – To soften those scratchy new whiskers, hydrate and soften the face, lock in moisture and support healthy skin and beard growth. Every phase of beard growing requires some beard oil. And ours is loaded with specially chosen all-natural oils mixed together in a perfectly balanced formula.
  • Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush – Every beard needs to be brushed daily, regardless of length. Brushing massages the skin, spreads beard oil perfectly, gently removes flakes and dirt, and trains hair growth direction – and wild boar bristles are the absolutely best choice for all these things.

2) For the Serious Full-on Beardsman…



The Rugged Bros’ Ultimate Beard Softening Kit is the gift for the truly rugged beardmeister. He needs supreme care that tames his tough face forest to his desires while giving it the perfect balance of cleansing, hydration, nourishment and softening. Only the very best will do to keep that awesome beard at its best.

You get:

  • Beard Wash – That epic beard needs to be clean because it’s a magnet for food, dirt and grime. This Beard Wash conditions and smooths hairs. Formulated specifically to lock-in moisture and keep your beard and skin hydrated and healthy. Won’t make a beard dry, crunchy or flaky. Softens, conditions, shines, de-frizzes, nourishes and eliminates odors.
  • Beard Moisturizer – The secret extra weapon a bearded legend never knew he was missing!  Works like a leave-in conditioner for beard and facial skin, but is never too heavy or oily. A sumptuous eliminator of beard itch. Leaves everything feeling freshly smooth and soft. Helps with detangling and de-frizzing. Packed with the highest quality, naturally nourishing ingredients. 
  • Beard Oil – Makes whiskers luxuriously soft and luminous. Penetrates deep into the skin and sinks into hair follicles for results that leave your beard smooth and manageable. Made with organic virgin argan oil, and jojoba oil and rich in natural Vitamin E and antioxidants, this beard oil eliminates itching and beard dandruff (beardruff), and primes beard growth to be freaking epic.
  • Beard Balm – Easily styles, shapes and holds the very toughest, wiriest, uncooperative whiskers – without any stiffness or gunky residue. Rogue flyaways have no chance against its smooth authority. Adds extra conditioning to make that thick beard sleek, smooth and sexy. 
  • Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush – Groom with ease! The boar bristles are chosen carefully to be strong yet soft and flexible to glide through that epic beard effortlessly. The curved wooden base fits the hand naturally.

3) For Daily Styling & Maintaining Beard Glory…



If your dude already has a top-notch beard brush like our Wild Boar Bristle stunner, he’s on a good thing. But he needs more support if he’s going to keep his facial hair at its magnificent best day after day.

His daily routine must include washing, moisturizing, oiling and brushing. No beard can be magnificent without doing these. He needs our Premium Beard Grooming Kit to go with his brush.

You get:

  • Beard Wash - Precisely balanced and made in the USA by veterans using the finest natural ingredients. Produces a fresh clean without squeaky dryness.
  • Beard Moisturizer - A super-softener to apply before oil. Provides an extra lift of light hydration, softening, conditioning and detangling. Feels truly glorious.
  • Beard Oil - Made with organic virgin argan oil and jojoba, while rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, to leave your beard and skin smooth, manageable and loaded with vitality. A key weapon in the fight against beardruff, itching, even beard acne.
  • Beard Balm - For that finishing touch of style, shine and firm hold without stiffness. 

Of course, if he has a beard brush that sucks, or doesn‘t have one at all, we’ve got you covered here.

4) For the Guy With Perpetual Beard Itch…



If you love his beard but the itchiness drives him crazy, you can solve everything for a big win-win.

Beard itch is probably the most common reason many men give up on their beard dreams and shave. It’s tragic because many an epic beard has been sacrificed over the years because of a very common and very fixable problem.

No more! We know what causes beard itch and we know how to deal with it. Banish that itch for your guy once and for all with the gift of our Deluxe Beard Care Grooming Kit. Most importantly, our products contain no harsh chemicals – like parabens, sulfates and mineral oils – which are most frequently the cause of all the itchiness. Blessed relief is at hand!

You get:

  • Beard Wash - Healthy skin and hair have been cleaned without being stripped harshly. Enter TRB’s Beard Wash. Gently cleanse away skin flakes, grease, dirt and bacteria while maintaining hydration and suppleness. Lay the groundwork for less itch.
  • Beard Moisturizer - The skin smoother and the follicle freshener. A super-light but deeply-absorbed layer of essential moisture to prevent skin from flaking. Gives whiskers an extra lift and shine.
  • Beard Oil - The soothing fertilizer for healthy skin beneath a forest of hair. Designed skillfully to replicate and enhance your skin’s natural sebum oil. Plus your facial hair will have glorious silkiness and luster.
  • Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush - For gently brushing away itchy flakes while styling, taming flyaways, and spreading beard oil evenly.

5) For The Man Always On The Go…



During his rough and busy day, or while he endures the rigors of travel, a man’s beard can take a pounding. While he’s on the go, he can’t always get to his own bathroom where his complete beard care kit is. He needs some essential but compact tools that he can stash in his ready bag.

With The Rugged Bros Two-Piece Beard Care Kit on hand, he’ll be always ready to give his face a quick groom and a quick conditioning boost.

You get:

  • Beard Oil - When that beard feels dried out, coarse or frizzy during a demanding day, a quick drop or two of our beard oil will restore softness, shine and life while banishing any itchiness.
  • Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush - A quick grooming in the mirror with this bad boy will straighten out any kinks, increase the oil’s effectiveness, invigorate the skin and remove any noticeable dirt or food bits.


… try our Essential Beard Care Kit that includes 2oz of our Beard Balm so he can smooth and tame even the most unruly frizz and tangles caused by the day’s stresses.

6) For The Frizzy Beard…



Our Classic Beard Kit is the answer to that beard that always looks and feels like steel wool. You’ll be nestling in comfortably for the night – when he’s not touching his silky-smooth beard himself.

You get:

  • Beard Moisturizer – Softens and smooths hairs without ever making them feel greasy or heavy. Treats the follicles to essential moisture.
  • Beard Oil – The chief weapon in the fight against frizz. Enables hairs to be trained in their styling and direction of growth.
  • Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush – Regularly brushing hair with just the right bristles makes it softer, shinier and more cooperative. Boar hairs make Mother Nature’s perfect beard bristles.
  • Beard Balm – After using the above products to soften and smooth out the frizz, our Beard Balm will help keep it in place with a firm but flexible hold. Never crunchy or greasy.

7) For The Man Who Loves A Fresh Scent…

Why go unscented if you can have a classic old school barbershop aroma? Order one of our gift sets with the Citrus and Spice scent in the Beard Wash and Beard Oil. Lively, warm, masculine, intriguing, addictive.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by all our products 100%. If you’re not satisfied, contact us for a 60-day refund - no questions asked! 

But we’re pretty confident the awesome bearded man in your life will be delighted and feeling very suave with one of our gift set kits. 

Plus, for the man with the handlebar mustache, he’ll never go wrong with The Rugged Bros’ Mustache Wax. A perfectly balanced formula with just the right amount of natural beeswax to hold twirls perfectly without crunch or greasiness.

And we haven’t forgotten the hair on top of his head. Our water-based Hair Pomade will hold his style firmly while keeping it looking natural. Never goes crunchy in the hair – there’s always some easy flex. For a more slick or “wet look”, apply to damp hair. 

From all of us at The Rugged Bros, we wish you and that great man you love so much a lifetime of bearding bliss!

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