January 07, 2023

A thick, bushy beard is a thing of masculine glory. It’s a statement of identity and a magnet to women. Even if a guy prefers a shorter beard cropped closely to his face, he’ll still want the hairs to grow out thick and meaty, rather than thin and wispy. 

Growing an amazing beard has some similarities to cultivating a thick and manicured lawn – it requires time, patience and effort. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that sometimes dudes look for shortcuts.

There are plenty of products on the beard care market that make some astonishing claims to help with growing facial hair. “Beard growth oil” is one of those. Indeed, some of the beard growth options out there sell like hotcakes.

But just because a product sells well, does that mean it actually works? This then begs the question: Do beard growth oils REALLY work? 

Your Rugged Bros are here to provide you with an important service: the truth. And the truth is that beard growth oils are a gigantic myth. 

In reality, a beard growth oil will not make your beard grow faster or thicker.

Remember the basic rule… If it seems too good to be true, it is.

The straight truth about beard growth oils 

There is no scientific evidence anywhere to support the idea of beard growth oils making facial hairs grow better in any way.

None of them stimulate hair development.

What even is beard growth oil?

A beard growth oil is essentially an ordinary beard oil dressed up to appear like a magic elixir.

Some shysters out there employ slick marketing and overhyped words about growth oil ingredients to make them seem like they can work miracles. In their marketing, many use the term “active ingredients” to make it seem like there’s something extra special going on.

But on closer inspection, you’ll find there is not one ingredient in any beard growth oil that can match the wild claims made about stimulating a beard to grow faster or thicker. That’s because there’s no topical ingredient that can achieve these things.

That’s not to say a beard growth oil is bad for your beard. It will likely contain many of the same essential oils and carrier oils as in many regular beard oils. Provided there are no toxic additives – like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or silicone – it might still be useful for dealing with dry beard, flaky skin and beard itch.

Your beard and skin will be much healthier if you use a beard oil made free from toxic guck, and with organic ingredients, like you’ll find through your friendly neighbourhood Rugged Bros. 😊

The tricks and gimmicks to watch out for

When checking out beard oil, especially beard growth oil, watch for these typical cons and smokescreens:

  • Overhyped words on the labels and websites: “active ingredients”, “one-of-a-kind formula”, “promotes fast beard growth”, “proven results”, “stimulating serum”, “boost”, “rapid growth”, “instant”, along with any other terminology that promotes a shortcut to growing a beard.
  • Anything written to make you feel inadequate and/or envious.
  • Reviews claiming an oil made a beard grow faster. It’s total BS and a scam.
  • Faked before and after photos. You’ll know they’re faked because the claims are too good to be true, like an unreasonable amount of growth in a short time.

Other beard growth “solutions” that don’t work

  • Testosterone supplements. These are prescription only from a doctor. They’re dispensed only for valid medical reasons, not merely for hair growth.
  • Testosterone boosting products and supplements sold over the counter or online. These are total garbage with a ton of marketing hype thrown on the top.
  • Minoxidil (Rogaine). This might stimulate some facial hair growth, but… it’s been studied for head hair rather than beard hair, plus its effects stop the moment you stop applying (sending you back to where you were). It can also have nasty side-effects, including things like burning, itching, swelling, blurred vision, dizziness, headache, irregular heartbeat, and many more. Ugh!
  • Derma rollers. Nothing has been proven about their ability to stimulate facial hair growth. Nothing. Just know it involves rolling hundreds of microneedles across your face to puncture it. Yikes!
  • Beard supplements. They likely won’t hurt, but their benefits to hair growth are unproven. At best, they’re marginal and inconsistent.

What really promotes healthier beard growth?

Note we said healthier, not heavier or faster.

  • Genetics. You have as many hair follicles on your face as you’re ever going to get. That’s genetic. You inherited your beard growth patterns from family members before you. No beard growth oil will change that.
  • Testosterone. Natural testosterone in your body. Again, that comes down to genetics, plus age, along with some lifestyle and health factors.
  • Good lifestyle. Eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, get fresh air, drink water, take vitamins, etc. A healthier body produces healthier hairs. If you don’t believe that, look how lank, drab and “weak” hair looks on a sick/unhealthy person.
  • Good beard grooming. Use only the best products made with supreme ingredients, free of toxic gunk. Facial hairs and skin that are under-nourished, dry and irritated will not grow and work optimally.
    • Cleanse regularly with a healthful beard wash.
    • Apply beard oil daily.
    • Brush your beard more than once a day to spread beard oil’s nourishment and gently remove flakes, dirt and bacteria that can inflame pores and follicles.
    • Use beard balm for extra style control and leave-in conditioning for hairs.

Is regular beard oil still worth using?

Hell yes! Just for different reasons. 

As a beard grows longer, the face’s natural sebum oil may not be enough to nourish the hairs and the skin beneath. (Or some dudes don’t produce enough in the first place.) A high-quality beard oil, like ours, will supplement the natural sebum to provide balanced moisturizing to the hair shafts, the follicles and the facial skin. It will help eliminate beard itch, frizz and inflammation. It’s particularly useful for your skin, which is like the “soil” for the “grass” that grows. Better soil that’s been fertilized produces better quality grass.

So there you go. You should be better informed now when confronted with the question of “Do beard growth oils work?”. 

They don’t. 

Your best beard will develop if you look after yourself inside and out, while exercising patience to let it lengthen and fill out properly. The hairs you can grow on your face are the hairs you can grow. They’ll grow at their own speed and in their own way. No product you apply will change these things.

Your job is to give your beard hairs the best, cleanest, healthiest and well-maintained environment possible for them to flourish. And that’s where The Rugged Bros will help you – with proven products and ingredients and with no outlandish claims.

May your best growth always be within you.

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