January 28, 2023

Looking for a new look “up top” to go with your beard? Need a hairstyle that looks as dramatic and epic as your face forest? Then consider a ruggedly handsome hard part haircut.

The hard part has been popular for a while now, especially with an undercut and/or fade included. We’re gonna show you some hard part haircut ideas that can go well with a beard and discuss some advantages and disadvantages. Plus we’ll give you some tips on styling and maintaining your ’do.

You’ll find that, with some knowledge and careful choosing, a hard part haircut can be pretty versatile and will take your style to a new level.

What Even is a Hard Part Haircut?

Think of this haircut as a classic side part but with some modern flair. Where you part your hair on one side becomes a shaved line to sharply magnify your part. That line is shaved down to the scalp.

Almost all hard parts are placed above the temple on one side.

There are several variations to the hard part haircut, with many being trimmed much closer below the part line, so there’s a straight line clearly and neatly separating longer hair and shorter hair for strong contrast.

This kind of cut is also sometimes called a razor line or a shaved part.

PRO: It Looks Freakin’ Awesome

Let’s be honest, hard parts look freakin’ badass. They help your overall style pop with a strong, clean, modern style. Nuff said.

PRO: Easy Daily Styling

When the part is so clearly sculpted, you can’t really go wrong styling your hair. It goes into place easily and you usually won’t need a comb to define that line. You just need some first-rate hair pomade to hold it in place, while simultaneously keeping it all soft and pliable. This makes daily styling super easy and fast! Wham, bam, done!

PRO: Great Style Choices When You Have a Beard

We reckon the hard part haircut style suggestions below work great with a wide variety of beards that aren’t too out of control. Because when you trim hair from your head, it can be balanced out by the addition of styled hair on your face.

By the way, you’ll need stellar hair pomade and beard balm to keep these great looks in place.

  • Basic hard part with comb over. A classic look. It’s essentially a regular side-parted cut with the hard part line included. Hair above the part is combed to the side, while hair below the part is combed down or back – to work with your beard.
  • High fade with slicked hair. The top hair above the part line gets slicked to the side or back. The tapering or fading begins below the part line and gradually gets shorter. Makes a super slick and professional look with a full beard.
  • Low-fade hard part with high top. This is a perennial favorite with a full beard. Very sleek for business or social purposes. It’s called a low-fade because the close tapering occurs within an inch or so of the bottom hairline along the neck and sides. You can either disconnect the beard from fade or else blend it all in around the sideburns.
  • Pompadour hard part. A modern twist on a 1950s classic. Above the hard part line, give that longer hair the voluminous swoosh to the side and back. Meanwhile, fade the sides and back downwards to draw some of the focus to your beard as well.
  • Hard part Mohawk. Get two hard parts (one each side) and shave everything below them really close, while letting the top strip grow longer. Slick it back, stand it up, or let it run wild. A striking look when combined with a long, angular full beard.

There are plenty other hard part haircut ideas you can look into with your barber. These have been a few of our favorites that we know look killer with a beard.

    CON: You Need a Professional

    For you, this might be a pro, but for most it’s a con…

    It’s best to get a hard part haircut done by a professional barber. We do not recommend DIY hard parts. The technique requires some advanced skill that is beyond doing it yourself in your own bathroom.

    The part needs to be straight and have an even-width. It requires a sharp instrument and a steady hand. One slip and your hair will get a much bigger shave than you were counting on.

    Your barber will work out with you a placement and “pathway” for your hard part line - that will be to the side, not down the center of your head 🥸 Then he’ll wet your hair and comb out the part line. Then he’ll apply some shaving gel and use a straight razor to create the hard part. Last, the barber will trim the hair on either side of the part based on your style preference.

    Getting this process perfect takes training, precision and steadiness. 

    While you’re at it, you may as well have your beard trimmed or even enjoy a hot towel shave.

    CON: Regular Touch Ups Needed

    Your hard part line will develop stubble and begin to grow out pretty quickly. Therefore you’ll likely be entering a solid relationship with your barber because you’ll be visiting every couple weeks to get your hairdo touched up.

    This can add up to quite a bit of money as well as time.

    But if you’re looking to turn a con into a pro… use your regular barber visits to get your beard trimmed and/or have a luxurious hot towel shave.

    CON: If Your Beard is Wild and Woolly…

    If your beard is a big one that runs wild - like ZZ Top - we’ll give you fair warning that the hard part haircut may not be the ideal look to complement it. Next to a big, untamed beard, such a clean-lined haircut can clash.

    You’ll need to get creative with your hairdo and your beard - such as a long-topped hard part cut paired with a Viking beard..

    Just know this will require a fair amount of maintenance each day. It’s definitely not a quick “style and go” situation.

    As you devote a little more attention to styling your hair up top, be sure to continue caring for your beard below so its shape and condition are just as ruggedly awesome.

    Hard part + beard = heads turning your way!

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