June 30, 2022

Is there anybody that can match the ruthless ruggedness of a Viking? The virility… the power… the reputation... and the legendary badass braided beard!

Forget Game of Thrones. Nothing beats the sheer marauding might of a fearless Viking with his distinctive beard plait.

If you want to level up your style – and amp up your badass power – then check out some of these killer braided beard styles. Because the braided beard is as much an icon today as it ever was. 

Grab your sword because we’re gettin’ feral!

Wait, Before Braiding Your Beard...

For most of these braided beard styles, you need to cultivate a long beard first and keep it in top form with regular washing, oiling and brushing. We’re talking at least 4 to 5 inches in length. 

A dry, brittle beard that breaks and develops split ends won’t make the cut. And don’t even think about braiding without brushing first, my man.

Okay, now that we’ve said our peace, let’s get into our favorite braided beard styles…

1. The Single Braid

The classic Viking look. A simple, standout, no-nonsense braided beard style. One long braid that starts just below the chin and continues down the entire beard. 

The thickness of the braid is up to you, but the typical style is fairly thin to medium.

Divide the chin hairs into three sections and start weaving. Then you tie them off at the end, maybe add some beads or an awesome beard ring.

If you want a more devil-may-care look, make the strands of the braid quite loose.

2. The Sculpted Single Braid – for Medium Length

If you have a medium-length beard and prefer a neater look, try this. Grow your chin hairs longer and braid them to a cool thin plait. Meanwhile, trim and sculpt your cheeks, sideburns and jawlines.

3. The Rope Braid

For the warrior with the truly meaty long beard, divide those hairs into three thicker segments and plait to make a chunky braid that looks like a rope. With a little braiding skill, or some input from a professional barber, this style can be both rugged and sharp.

4. Twin Braids – Forkin’ Awesome

Double your braids, double your pleasure. A truly distinctive and devastating Viking look. Make two braids, one at each “corner” of your chin. Bead them up or add rings at the ends for extra cool points. Brush the rest of your beard and get your mustache good and luxurious to give this look an extra powerup.

5. The Long with the Short

With your long beard, make a short, playful beard plait at the end. It’s sometimes called the fishtail braid.

The thicker that end braid, the better. Give your cheeks some definition or sculpting to compliment the look. And if you have a handlebar mustache curled up a little at the corners with some quality mustache wax, oh yeah…

6. Ponytail – the Simplest No-Braid Option

The braid you have when you’re not trying to have a braid.

If a beard plait isn’t your thing, brush your long beard smooth and then tie it off somewhere below the halfway point to make a ponytail. A rubber band does the job, but why be boring? Get a cool metal beard ring or a colorful tie or ribbon, or even use a beaded thread. 

Or use more than one ring/tie to create sections.

BONUS: Make three ponytails – left, right and center – each with a metal beard ring.

7. Multiple Cornrows

For this style, your beard doesn’t need to be super-long, but it does need to be thick. Grow out everything. Plus you will likely need some pro help because it can be pretty intricate – but worth it!

Make multiple tight, thin braids with your sideburns and jawline hairs. They can either stand alone or they can be merged into the chin braid(s) you create.

Trim any loose hairs.

Tight braids look like cornrows. Or you can bead them up. Either way looks mega-cool. You could even keep your chin shaved and just go with braids on the sideburns, cheeks and below the mustache corners.

8. Goatee Braid

If you’re not a full-beard guy, grow out that goatee and give it a stylish braid. Distinctive and debonair – especially with a tight handlebar mustache to match. Don’t forget to grab your mustache wax.

Beard Braiding Steps for Beginners

We’ll give you some starting tips on how to plait for a basic braided beard style. For anything more complex, see your professional barber or beard stylist because the work can be finicky and challenging for the uninitiated.

  1. Clean that beard. Use a premium quality beard wash to have those whiskers pristine and soft.
  2. Pat dry with a towel and add beard oil.
  3. Brush that beard oil through with a wild boar bristle beard brush to condition the hairs and your skin, while also easing through any tangles. Really brush down the length of your chin hairs to get them straight and smooth. Add beard moisturizer for extra smoothness.
  4. Divide your chin hairs into three equal segments.
  5. Take hold of the left segment and the middle segment. Cross the left part over the middle.
  6. Hold in one hand the left part crossed over the middle. Now cross the right segment over.
  7. Hold the braided part in one hand. Grab the left segment again and repeat step 5. 
  8. Keep repeating steps 5 through 7 until you get to the ends. 
  9. Use an elastic band at the end to hold it all together… and/or add your beaded tie(s) or cool metal ring(s) to keep everything secure. 
  10. If you keep any length of hairs unbraided at the end, brush them again.
  11. Remember to brush the rest of your facial hairs.

What About Shaving?

It’s up to you what parts of your face and neck you want to shave when sporting a braided beard style. But we recommend at least shaving your neck up to around the Adams apple area. You likely don’t want too much bulk on your neck to interfere with your braid(s).

A good idea might be to trim and shave after you braid and after you’re satisfied with a braided look you can repeat with some ease. 

If you’re in any doubt, leave the hairs alone and see your pro barber.

Otherwise, you get to decide how to strategically trim and shape your cheeks and sideburns – if at all. It depends on how wildly intimidating you want to look.

There you have it, broski. Pick one of these braided beard styles and follow our tips and you’ll be ready to plunder Europe and sweep all before you. Well, maybe not. But you’ll look totally badass in a way that will put Odin to shame!

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