April 13, 2022

Here at The Rugged Bros, we see all our bearded brothers as informed and discerning, as well as rugged. After all, a high quality, distinguished beard never just happens by itself – it’s the result of using high quality, distinguished beard grooming products.

With such a vast array of beard oils on the market, it’s easy to be confused or to think that the first one you grab is as good as any other. Not so. The beard oil you choose can make or break both your beard and your entire bearding experience.

What makes the difference? Ingredient choices.

We understand that the beard oil ingredients and buzzwords out there can be confusing and deceptive. So we’re gonna simplify things for you by taking a deeper dive into our specially formulated beard oil ingredients to show you what will give you noticeable results, comfort and peace of mind.

No BS. No jargon. We just cut to the chase so you get pure quality in every drop. The ingredients themselves do the talking.

The definitive list

Here are the beard oil ingredients we’ve found to produce the best results. They will enhance the health, softness, sheen and manageability of your face’s most precious asset. Plus, they’ll preserve the health and comfort of your skin by moisturizing, rejuvenating and keeping beardruff and beard itch at bay.

  • Virgin argan oil
  • Pure jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Virgin Argan Oil

We blogged about this King of beard oil ingredients. It’s jam-packed with fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and minerals that help moisturize, soften and protect your skin and your beard hair. 

This super-oil hydrates your skin, promotes healthy hair growth, conditions whiskers to be silky soft, and supplies anti-inflammatory power to eliminate beard acne and make shaving a breeze.

If you have a patchy beard, argan oil makes follicles healthier to promote thicker hair growth, while making whiskers easy to brush and appear fuller.

Just know that virgin Argan oil is a deliberate choice and not just marketing BS. While all Argan oil comes from the nut kernels of the Argan tree in Morocco, it isn’t always exactly the same. For instance, culinary Argan oil (called “cold pressed”) is used for cooking and is not the same as Argan oil for cosmetic use. In fact, culinary cold pressed Argan oil can clog when used on skin and hair. While it says “cold pressed”, the kernels are roasted slightly before being pressed to extract the oil. Virgin Argan oil has been pressed and extracted from raw kernels, so it contains the highest concentration of nutrients and essential fatty acids in the right balance for your beard hairs.

Pure Jojoba Oil

This beard oil ingredient is vital for keeping your beard stronger and thicker while topping up its moisturization levels. Pure jojoba oil contains strong concentrations of long-chain* fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E to hydrate right down to the follicles and to eliminate split ends and brittleness. It’s non-allergenic, so no worries about any skin reactions with this bad boy.

* Long-chain fatty acids have 14 or more carbon atoms in their “tails”. All fatty acids have essential building blocks of carbon and hydrogen. The long-chain ones are very common in oils that are healthy for skin as well as digestion and internal health, like nut oils, fish oils, avocado oil and of course jojoba oil.

Vitamin E Oil

Say bye-bye to beardruff, beard itch, dry and flaking skin, and brittle whiskers. These afflictions are the bane of any bearded bro’s existence and are caused by free radicals. Don’t be confused… free radicals have nothing to do with global politics or terrorism. They’re simply unstable molecules produced by your body in response to attacks from food or environmental factors.

What’s the antidote to free radicals, especially in your beard and on your face? Antioxidants!

Enter Vitamin E oil as a key beard oil ingredient. Vitamin E is a major antioxidant and the oil is a vital component in repelling free radical attacks that cause dry skin and coarse, brittle beard hair. With the nourishing and conditioning power of vitamin E oil on your fingertips as you apply beard oil, you’ll literally give beardruff and split ends the finger.

Sweet Almond Oil

Another killer of beardruff and inflammation! Two thirds of the oil is oleic acid (an Omega-9 fatty acid), which is awesome for keeping facial hair shiny, glossy and hydrated. It works through a beard with no effort at all, distributing its rich supplies of antioxidant vitamin E and conditioning potassium, zinc and proteins. 

But why is it called sweet almond oil? It's a technicality, but an important one. All almonds you consume are sweet almonds. There’s another kind, called bitter almonds, but these nuts aren’t commercially available in the US. Why? Because they contain the poison hydrocyanic acid, which is a combo of hydrogen cyanide and water. Bitter almond extracts may be used in things like soap or perfume, but definitely not in beard oil. So be sure your beard oil ingredient list says sweet almond oil.

Avocado Oil

A light, non-greasy oil that penetrates skin easily and provides a protective layer of collagen (a protein) on skin and around hair strands. You get great elasticity from this badass oil. It contains plenty of vitamin B for producing hair-strengthening red blood cells, along with vitamins A, C and E, plus potassium and lecithin. 

Apricot Kernel Oil

The apricot’s kernel is the seed inside. It’s not just something you throw away after eating the fruit. Its oil (or essential fatty acids) is another light, non-greasy component in our beard oil. Apricot kernel oil is great for sensitive skin, soothing itching and redness, while toning and firming. And happy skin means a happy beard. Because it’s absorbed readily, apricot kernel helps lock-in essential moisture and prevent the cracking and flaking that results in annoying beardruff.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

While pumpkin seed oil contributes to your beard’s luster and manageability, it also provides a crucial barrier against damage from external factors like UV rays, pollution and unpleasant bacteria.

Scientists are still looking into whether pumpkin seed oil can enhance hair growth. The jury is still out, but signs are looking pretty promising. That definitely can’t hurt when you rub it into a thin or patchy beard.

Hemp Seed Oil

Another beard oil ingredient that maintains moisture levels in skin and strands (preventing moisture loss), improves blood circulation, and makes brushing and styling a breeze. 

Even better, hemp seed oil is packed with lipids, the little molecules that are the building blocks of your cells.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you’re not going to get high from it. Hemp may come from the same species of plant as cannabis, but it contains next-to-none of the psychoactive component THC. 

Grapeseed Oil

A key addition to our beard oil to enhance the absorption of the other oils and keep the perfect overall balance of moisturization without feeling greasy. Grapeseed oil is light and thin, making it great for not blocking up pores. It’s also something of a badass with its makeup of Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids to eliminate brittle hairs and dry skin.

And that’s The Rugged Bros Beard Oil. Literally no crap in the oil – and no crap from us. Just pure, unadulterated awesomeness to keep your facial skin healthy and to nourish your beard to keep it soft, smooth, shiny and easy to brush and style.

Many of our satisfied bros have said the oil has made their beards softer and more touchable then any other product they’ve used. And that’s precisely the goal.

Stay rugged!

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