April 25, 2022

The #1 tool of trade for any rugged bearded guy is his beard brush. It’s an absolutely essential, non-negotiable part of any decent beard grooming routine. And the very best brush you can get is a wild boar bristle beard brush

Equally essential in the grooming routine is taking good care of that beard brush. After all, a barber takes great care of his trimmers and scissors to ensure they’re always clean, hygienic and performing at their best. You should do the same for the bristles you trust to touch your face multiple times a day.

Fortunately, cleaning is a breeze. Let’s show you how to clean a boar bristle beard brush.

First, What happens if you neglect cleaning your brush?

If you don’t clean your beard brush, eventually the bristles become coated or clogged with oil and hair. This reduces how effectively it distributes beard oil and beard balm.

Plus the gunky bristles attract a buildup of unhygienic dirt, bacteria and skin flakes that have been exfoliated off your face. 

Then your brush will start to smell as bacteria breed and thrive.

How frequently should you clean your brush?

There are two ways to clean your beard brush: wash it and dry wipe it.

  • Washing: Do it once a month. Whenever the date says the 1st, it’s time.
  • Dry wiping: Take a plain cotton tip and give it a once over whenever you like.

There’s no need to wash the brush more frequently than monthly. Too much washing can break the bristles down. Plus too much exposure to water can reduce the integrity and life expectancy of the wood handle.

Why must it be boar’s hair?

Simple. Boar hairs are the perfect consistency and texture to exfoliate skin, remove flakes, tame and train hairs, distribute beard oil and sebum, increase shine, combat ingrown hairs, eliminate split ends and promote follicle blood flow – while never irritating and scratching your skin like synthetic bristles do.

On top of all that, a well-made boar’s hair beard brush will have a longer life because of the craftsmanship that goes into fashioning it.

What you’ll need to clean your brush

You don’t need anything fancy. 

For regular basic dry wiping:

  • Cotton tip swabs. They’re small enough to be run between the brush’s bristles.
  • Trimmer brush. That little brush that comes with electric trimmers is also great for a basic once-over.

For monthly washing:

  • A small bowl or container to hold some water.
  • Beard Wash. No harsh soaps or cleansers. Use the same quality product you trust your beard with.
  • A dry cloth.

Wondering if regular hair shampoo will cut it for your beard? Check this out: Can You Use Regular Shampoo on Your Beard?

How to dry wipe your boar bristle beard brush

  • You’re going to dislodge some debris that can make a mess, so it’s best to stand over a trash can or the sink.
  • Take your cotton tip or trimmer brush and run it through the brush bristles from one end to the other. Be sure you get right down to the wood at the base to clean all the gaps.
  • Use more than one cotton tip if you need.
  • Tap the brush gently against the trash or sink to knock away any other loose bits.

That’s it for how to dry clean your boar bristle beard brush. Do this as often as you like. A couple times a week is good.

How to wash your boar bristle beard brush

    1. Stand at the sink or in the shower or someplace where it’s OK to splatter a bit.
    2. Do a dry clean with a cotton tip and/or trimmer brush first.
    3. In your small bowl/container, add some lukewarm water and mix in a few drops of beard wash. Make sure the water is deep enough to cover the bristles, but does not reach the wood handle when you dip the bristles in.
    4. Dip your brush’s bristles into the water and beard wash mixture. Don’t dip/wet the wooden handle.
    5. Scrub the bristles with your fingers. Work up a nice lather.
    6. Use a cotton tip (or two) if you need to clean the wood at the base of the bristles. 
    7. Empty the bowl/container and refill with plain lukewarm water. (Or use a second container.)
    8. Rinse out your brush by dipping the brush bristles down so they are in the clean water. Don’t dip/wet the wooden handle.
    9. If it isn’t yet as clean as you’d like, repeat the process.
    10. Tap the brush gently with bristles down to shake off excess water.
    11. Place the brush bristles down on a towel. Let it dry naturally for 24 hours. No blow drying.

    Simple Do’s and Don’ts of beard brush care

    • DO… dry-clean your brush about twice a week. 
    • DO… wash your brush every month.
    • DO… store your brush where it won’t attract dust.
    • DON’T… use hot water for cleaning.
    • DON’T… clean it too frequently. Overdoing it can compromise the bristles.
    • DON’T… store your brush wrapped up or nestled tight up against other items.
    • DON’T… store your brush where there’s tons of humidity.
    • DON’T… brush your beard when it’s wet. 

    And that’s how to clean a boar bristle beard brush. Simple and easy, yet vital.

    Follow these steps and your wild boar bristle beard brush should last years. Should the bristles still feel clogged and tacky after a good cleaning, it may be time to replace it. Also replace it if the bristles feel weaker or stiffer, or if the wood handle starts showing wear and tear.

    May your brush always be as awesome as your beard! Look after it well and it will look after you.

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