January 14, 2023

The 21st century beard resurgence has brought with it so much creativity, as well as rugged glory. The initial trends of goatees and hipster beards have laid the foundations for so many more beard styles and choices that abound today.

One rugged style we’re loving in the 2020s is the beardstache. It’s perfect for guys who prefer a bold, epic mustache to be his stand-out feature, while including the ruggedness of a beard.

People the world over have drooled over the bombshell beardstaches displayed by such handsome men as Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan and Jon Hamm. 

Now it's your turn, bro…

How do you Define a Beardstache?

Just like the word ‘beardstache’ is a combo of beard and mustache, so is the style. But the key distinction is that the mustache is longer and more prominent than the beard. Thus the upper lip is the more noticeable feature of a beardstache. The beard is usually stubble, but not always.

The beardstache frequently works best if the mustache is a big, full, thick one like a handlebar or a chevron or a walrus.

There are several stylistic varieties of beardstaches. But before we get into those, we first need to pay special tribute to…

The ULTIMATE Beardstache Ahead of Its Time

Do you remember Biff Tannen, the bad guy character in the 1980s Back to the Future movies? The dude who always ended up crashing into a manure truck?

Well, take another look at the third Back to the Future movie and feast your eyes on a beardstache of pure glory. Biff’s mustache was epically long, bushy and shapely, against the backdrop of a supremely shaggy stubble beard.

Although he was an unlikeable character, Biff’s facial hair was just magnificent and pre-empted the 21st century beard revival, showing yet again how that movie franchise was way ahead of its time.

Now, we understand not every dude wants to go full Biff Tannen for a beardstache, so we’ve got some other varieties for you to consider.

Beardstache with Stubble Beard

Put a long mustache style above some sculptured neck and chin stubble and you have yourself a sexy beardstache without a lot of effort.

As your mustache gets long, we recommend styling products to shape it – beard balm if it’s a very thick walrus or Imperial handlebar style, and mustache wax if you want the corners more pointed and/or curled.

How to cultivate this style: Grow out your beard and mustache together before eventually taking the electric clippers to your beard. Don’t shave it. Just trim it evenly.

Beardstache with a Short Beard

The beard is slightly longer than stubble, but not long enough to overshadow the mustache as the feature of this look. So you’ll need to grow that mustache BIG, which takes patience.

You may even want to try a goatee beard for this look.

How to cultivate this style: Grow out your beard and mustache together before eventually taking the electric clippers to your beard. But unlike the stubble beard, set your trimmer to a longer setting for your chin and neck. If you want a goatee, trim closely and slowly to the outline you want, then shave.

Beardstache with a Chevron Mustache

This is the look Henry Cavill had in Mission Impossible. The chevron mo is a classic look – thick and neat. (If your mustache doesn’t grow thick, it may not work for you.) The best beard to go with this is a stubble so as not to overshadow the chevron. 

How to cultivate this style: Grow out your beard and mustache together before eventually taking the electric trimmer set to number 1 for your beard. It’s possible to even taper the beard around the sideburn area. Trim the mustache cleanly around the mouth and brush it downwards using a little beard balm to hold it in place.

Walrus Beardstache

One of most famous walrus mustaches ever came with a side of “diabeetus”. That’s right, the late actor Wilfred Brimley, who has a modern day twin in Andy Reid, the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

How to cultivate this style: A stubble-length beard is again best for this look. The mustache must be grown long and thick, and brushed downwards, until it becomes long enough to cover your lips. Some dudes find this length irritating, so there’s one way to find out if you can live with it.

Handlebar Beardstache

Sometimes called the Hipster Beardstache. Over the beard, you pair a curly handlebar stache. You can have a longer beard with this look, provided it doesn’t overshadow the majesty of the handlebar.

How to cultivate this style: You need a lot of patience to grow a handlebar mustache. Pay special attention to the hairs at the corner of the mouth so they grow extra long. Brush regularly and use mustache wax to twirl into shape and provide all-day hold. The beard needs to be trimmed regularly so as not to bush out and steal focus, so many dudes prefer a stubble length for this look.

Horseshoe Beardstache

You know the Hulk Hogan shape of mustache? That’s a horseshoe. It’s a power look, for sure. 

How to cultivate this style: This style definitely requires a stubble beard – anything longer won’t provide proper definition for the stache. But first, grow out all your facial hair. Use electric trimmers to define the horseshoe shape and trim away excess beard.

Other Tips for Maintaining a Beardstache

  • Wash regularly, like two or three times a week, even if your beard is stubble. Use a premium quality beard wash to maintain skin health, hydration and balance, and to wash away dead skin cells and bacteria that can build up.
  • Use beard oil everyday. This will feed and nourish your skin and follicles, while cutting down on beard itch that many dudes experience in the stubble phase. It will also keep your mustache glossy and easier to shape/brush.
  • Brush daily with a wild boar bristle beard brush. (Yes, even with stubble.) Brushing removes flakes, dead skin cells and other dirt while detangling your mustache. It also helps train the direction of hair growth. On top of everything, it simply feels awesome.
  • Trim your beard regularly, probably once or twice a week. Be sure your beard is clean and dry first.
  • Regularly trim your mustache with scissors to maintain its clear shape.
  • Use beard balm for a walrus or chevron mustache to give it that uniform look.
  • Use mustache wax for a handlebar mustache.

And there it is, man. Now you’re ready to create your own beardstache and turn some heads. Happy beardstaching!

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