March 10, 2021

2020 placed us all in such a hairy predicament. While so many things were cancelled by COVID, the one thing that wasn’t cancelled was growing a beard. If anything, sprouting facial hair flourished in 2020 as men across America and worldwide took advantage of isolation to let their ruggedness run rampant. But the predicament was that in-person beard contests were also cancelled, leaving us all with little live action to inspire us in our bearding endeavors and to celebrate masculine magnificence.

Well, chin up! 2021 looks to be filling up with fresh hope, sprung anew like a freshly shaven face left to grow a Canadian scarf for the winter. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!

While some beard championships scheduled for early this year got cancelled or postponed, where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are still plenty of beard contests on the 2021 calendar. Plan your travel now or start researching where to watch the live streams of awesomeness!

So rest assured, my furry follicular friends, and get grooming and preening. It’s time to be inspired by the world’s best beard and mustache contests that celebrate rugged beauty in all its forms!

World Beard & Mustache Championships

While we just gave a message of hope, we have to acknowledge straight off the bat that, sadly, the world’s premier beard contest for 2021 has been postponed until 2023. Bummer! But on the plus side, you get two more years to cultivate and nurture your potential competition entry.

Even this far out, we should get excited now for this extravaganza that’s been held every two years since 1990 in a different country each time. The 2023 event will take place in awesome Auckland in stunning New Zealand.

There are three main categories to the competition – full beard, partial beard, and mustache – each divided into sub-categories. So there’s something for everyone!

Just bear in mind that to enter, you need to be a member of an official and sanctioned beard club.

Instagram: @worldbeardandmoustachechamps

National Beard and Mustache Championships

USA’s 2021 national beard championships are ON! The action and admiration over 18 different categories will take place on September 10 and 11, 2021, at Montage Mountain near Scranton, PA. It is definitely being billed as IN PERSON!

Even better, anybody with facial hair can enter. There’s no need to be a member of a beard club.

Making the cause even worthier is the fact that a percentage of ticket sales will be donated to a local charity near the contest venue.

Facebook: and
Instagram: @beardchampsusa
Twitter: @beardchampsusa

Epic Beard Competition

If you’ve always wanted to enter a beard contest or mustache contest yourself, the Epic Beard Competition held in Spokane, WA, is a great place to start your career.

Some of the entry categories don’t always fill up completely with competitors, so you may as well give it a bash and help out some bearded bros while getting your wings.

It’s not only a competition, it’s a fundraiser for great causes. The Spokane Beard and Mustache Foundation is a registered non-profit organization.

We’re not sure yet exactly when the 2021 event will be yet, but it’s gonna happen, so the best thing to do is follow their social media.

Instagram: @spokanebeard
Twitter: @spokanebeard

Coming in 2022… The Great American Beard and Moustache Championship

Mark your 2022 calendar now because this is one competition not to miss! It’s more than a competition – it’s an epic brotherly gathering of beard clubs and enthusiasts from across America that also raises big money for charity. The 2018 event boasted more than 340 entrants from 39 states along with esteemed international bros from Canada, Britain, Germany, and Japan.

After 2020 got cancelled due to COVID, this event held every two years is set to launch on June 1, 2022 at Snowbird Resort in Utah’s incredible Wasatch Mountains. Bring the family and make a vacation out of it because there are tons of activities in store and this is one unbelievably spectacular part of our great nation.

Instagram: @nacmba
Twitter: @nacmba

OVERSEAS… The 5th British Beard and Moustache Championships

Have you ever watched British darts on TV and been swept up in the huge crowds having an epic party? Now picture that going on for your fellow rugged bearded bros. Nobody does roaring enthusiasm like the Brits! It gives you chills just thinking about it…

The British Beard and Moustache Championships were set for August 2021 in the town of Rugby (yep,  the place where the bone-crunching tough sport of Rugby was born), but have had to be postponed to 2022. 

The good news is that you can make your travel plans with plenty of time to spare. Who wouldn’t want to take their beard or mo to Britain to enjoy the scenery, the charm, and the beer? Especially because the competition is open – it ain’t just for Brits!

This beard contest has an astonishing variety of categories, which even includes a fake beard round for the ladies and the kids! So you know it’s family friendly.

Instagram: @ibeardclub and @tbbmchamps
Twitter: @beard_club_uk and @ibeardclub

OVERSEAS… Beardsterdam

News coming soon we hope! The historic and sensationally picturesque city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a mecca for beard enthusiasts and people in search of a great time. Stay tuned to their online presence for when they announce that this unmissable beard contest roars back after being cancelled for 2020.

Instagram: @beardsterdam
Twitter: #beardsterdam

Well, that should whet your appetite for beard contests for 2021 and beyond. As you can see, they’re bouncing back, which puts a spring back in our step and an extra curl in our chin whiskers. Get inspired and get busy with your own face forest! And remember to treat and pamper it with the care it deserves.

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