July 26, 2022

If you’re growing a big, long beard, you might have thought you could stick the razor in the drawer permanently. But then as you’re staring in the bathroom mirror, a new reality makes you start to wonder…

Should I trim and shave my neckbeard?

And if you’re growing/sporting a short or medium-length beard, the same question comes up. Shave my neckbeard, or not? Which will look/work better?

If you let your neck area stay untrimmed, it’s possible you may feel like you’re looking scruffy and messy. Mostly, it’s not the “scruffiness” that’s the issue, because let’s face it, all beards are dope. It’s the doubt that can creep in and dent your confidence if/when you get looks and comments (especially at work). 

When it comes to questioning if you should shave your neckbeard, there’s no single answer, just a lot of differing opinions. So it’s a personal choice for you. It comes down to what you think works best for the beard length and look you are going for.

To help you out, we’ll go through the potential advantages and disadvantages of shaving your neckbeard.

But First, Remember these 3 things…

  1. There’s usually no obligation for you to shave your neckbeard, no matter if you have an epic Viking braid, a bushy Garibaldi, or sculpted stubble.
  2. If you elect not to shave your neckbeard, you can still trim/shave it anytime, so no rush if you’re having doubts.
  3. If you shave your neckbeard and hate how it looks, you can always grow it back. It will take time, but it’s fixable.

Pros of Shaving Your Neckbeard


PRO 1: If you shave your neckline and keep the edges looking sharp, you’re less likely to run into any workplace problems. 

PRO 2: Having less hair on your neck and throat can feel cleaner and lighter.

PRO 3: You’ll have less itching, less sweat, less gunk and bacteria buildup.

PRO 4: Shaving won’t cause any harm to the health of your whiskers. They’ll all still regrow (if you want) at the same speed and thickness as they did before. And no, shaving won’t make hairs grow faster, whether you want them to or not.

PRO 5: You’ll have a lower likelihood of catching your beard in the zipper of a hoodie or jacket - OUCH!

PRO 6: A dope neckline can take your style to the next level.

PRO 7: Shaving your neckbeard can make your jawline look strong and rugged when sporting a shorter beard style.

PRO 8: Sharp and sleek necklines tend to look more professional.

PRO 9: A daily grooming routine, like trimming your neckline, may increase the chances that you’ll take care of the rest of your beard (and body) as well.

PRO 10: Self love. Yeah, we’re rugged but we still care about taking care of ourselves - inside and out. When you take time for yourself, you feel better.

PRO 11: Your lady won't nag you (at least about your unkempt neckbeard).

CONS of Shaving your Neckbeard


CON 1: You’ll spend money replacing shave kit items like razors, shaving cream, shave brushes, aftershave and razor strops. Depending on how fancy you like your shave, this can get expensive.

CON 2: You may have a higher chance of developing ingrown hairs.

CON 3: The throat area can be very sensitive to shaving. It’s common to experience razor burn, rashes, bumps and nicks.

CON 4: If you have a weak jawline or a round face, shaving your neckbeard may make it more obvious. 

CON 5: Trimming/shaving takes time. Yep, getting a clean and even line can be tricky and finicky, at least at first.

CON 6: If you also trim and shave other areas of your body, you’ll need separate trimmers and shavers for your face. Otherwise blunted blades and cross-contamination are gross and can cause rashes, cuts, irritation, bacteria, even fungi. (NOTE: If you trim and shave your chest, armpits, shoulders, crotch, or butt… never ever use those trimmers and razors on your face!)

CON 7: More daily upkeep. A higher neckline needs more maintenance and shaving, which for some guys defeats the purpose of growing a beard in the first place.

CON 8: Your short beard may not look “complete” or full enough.

If You Decide to Trim/Shave Your Neckbeard…

You have a decision to make… How sharp or “broken” do you want your neckbeard line to be?

Some bros let their hairstyles guide them. So a longer, “stragglier” hairdo would be complemented by a similar style of neckline. Likewise, a sharper haircut may suggest a sharper neckbeard. But this isn’t a rule and ultimately it’s up to you. 

If you do shave your neckbeard, just be careful that you don’t progressively expose your neck by trimming or shaving higher each day. Sometimes the daily changes we make when lining up our shave are so gradual, we fail to notice them. 

So, to Shave or Not to Shave?

The choice is yours, man. Decide what you think will be best for you, your look and your daily grooming routine. Forget what others have to say and do what makes you feel like a complete badass!

Whether you trim-up your neck or not, a few things are essential, though. To give your beard and skin every chance to flourish, at a bare minimum, you must, must, MUST

If you’re determined to shave your neckbeard, in another blog (soon) we’ll run through exactly how you should harvest that hedge and line it up!

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