August 19, 2022

Okay, so you’ve decided to trim and shave your beard neckline. We’re stoked you’re here because, believe it or not, trimming that nest of hair between your chin and your chest requires some prelim know-how in order to make it look awesome.

Whether you’re shaving your neckline to reduce bulk and itch, or you just want to look like a fresh bearded king who has his ish together (even if you don’t), we’ve got just what you need to know to make the cut.

If you’re still on the fence about shaving your neck altogether, check out these pros and cons of shaving your neck beard.

Otherwise, get your trimmers handy and your shaver sharp…

Do all Guys Shave Their Neckline?

Pretty much every beard out there features some trimmed hair and/or shaven skin somewhere on the neck and throat.

The exceptions would be the longest, thickest, meatiest beards. Even still, not every guy with a long forest enjoys having his neck and chest hairs meeting up. It can get pretty itchy. 

As for you, it’s your choice if you want your neckline to be sharply defined or blended/faded.

Before Beginning…

Grow out all your beard hairs first, at least for a couple of weeks. Don’t be in a rush to carve out the neckline. It’s easier to work and judge when there’s some hair there.

Where a Shaved Neckline Should Be: The Basics

If you have a short beard, your neckline can go higher up - if you want. Some men with stubble length or a little more choose to trim and shave just under the jawline and the chin.

For a medium beard, it’s best to keep the neckline at least as far down as the underside of your jaw and chin bones. Use your finger to feel where the bones end and the squishy flesh begins. We recommend letting it go about an inch lower than that, which takes you near or just above the Adam’s apple. But again, it’s up to you.

For a long beard, somewhere around the Adam’s apple makes a good general neckline cutoff point. From there, you can make a curved line below your jaw corners, kinda like a strap shape.

If You’re Still Unsure Where Your Beard Neckline Should Be…

Trim a tiny amount at a time. You can always trim off a little more to find the look you want - except if you go too high to begin with. 

To be safe, avoid getting up into the main beard hairs that sprout from your chin and jaw.

Either use your Adam’s apple as a height guide or tilt your head downwards until you see a crease in the skin below the jaw. That crease could mark the beard neckline you want.

Tools for the Job

  • Mirror. Seems pretty obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. You’ve gotta be able to see what you’re doing. If you can have multiple mirror angles, even better.
  • Beard brush. Your most valuable tool of the bearding trade. A quality brush made from wild boar bristles gently but firmly brushes your beard into shape so you don’t end up with a wonky beard trim. Always make sure all beard hairs are brushed in the right direction before trimming.
  • Electric beard trimmer. Many cordless hair trimmers come with combs/guards for trimming beards.
  • Razor. A good sharp one. 
  • Shaving oil. Why shaving oil? Because with just oil, you can see the line as you shave, plus it can be smoother and easier for the razor to glide.
  • Scissors (possibly). If you have a thick neck hedge, you may want to prune it a bit before using the trimmer and razor.
  • Beard oil. You need your whiskers to be soft, hydrated and manageable. Trimming dry frizz is a nightmare. The beard oil also conditions your skin below the beard line, so it won’t get so irritated from shaving.
  • Beard balm. Keep those trimmed hairs soft, silky and styled the way you want to show off that neckline just right.

8 Tips to Help you Trim Your Neckline

  1. Before you start, wash your face and beard with some premium beard wash. It’s essential to remove dirt, debris and grime before trimming. Pat dry with a towel. Then apply a couple drops of beard oil and brush with a wild boar’s hair beard brush to get the beard hairs tangle-free and flowing evenly in the right direction.
  2. When washing in the shower, use warm water only. No hot water because it can dry out and frizz the hairs, making them harder and weirder to trim. The warm water is plenty for prepping your neck pores for shaving.
  3. If you regularly trim all of your beard, maybe start your neckline with the trimmers set about two notches shorter than your regular setting. You can always go shorter afterwards, if you want. Trim first to the length/line you want – then you can shave after that, if you need to.
  4. Start trimming from the bottom of your beard’s neckline, not the middle.
  5. Take your time and trim a tiny amount at a time. A little too low on the beard neckline is better than way too high.
  6. If you have a long beard, lift it up and use it to stretch your neck skin lightly. Then trim. Don’t put trimmers under your long beard when it’s hanging down because you could accidentally hack off way too much. Been there, done that.
  7. Use a good, sharp, clean razor to shave your neck area. Shave in the same direction as the hair grain to avoid pulling, scraping and irritating razor burn.
  8. A short beard may take more maintenance to keep that sharp or evenly faded/blended neckline. With a longer beard, you can be a little less detailed.

As it Grows, it Creeps

Some regular maintenance is going to be essential. As the hairs grow, your neckline will begin to creep downwards. 

When you’ve got the neckline you like, maybe take some pictures to remind you when you trim next time.

When in Doubt…

Go see your professional barber who specializes in beard trimming. Talk, listen, watch and learn from the expert.

If You Go Too Far

Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. Let everything below your neckline grow again for at least a week or so before tackling it again with some trimmers.

Otherwise, happy trimming. We know you’re going to cultivate the awesome beard you’ve always wanted - with a dope neckline.

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