May 18, 2021

What could be more rugged than grooming your prized facial hair with a beard brush made from wild boar bristles? Unless you use barbed wire (bro, don’t do that!), the answer is NOTHING!

Every beardsman needs to brush his whiskers, for many different reasons. We’re gonna show you why you should never choose just any old beard brush. You need the very best, made by hand and bristling with wild boar badassness.

We’ll also show you why beard combs should be avoided at all costs and burnt for all eternity.

Aside from being the one beard care product that’s as virile as your beard itself, a wild boar bristle brush promotes good beard health in myriad ways – keeping it in shape, exfoliating dead skin cells, removing flakes and dust, stimulating your skin, lifting away ingrown hairs, distributing essential oils, and more.

Plus it just feels amazing! If there is such a thing as pampered ruggedness, a boar bristle beard brush fits that bill perfectly.

Just don’t ask us how or why some dude in the past got close enough to a wild boar to discover that the hairs felt amazing on his beard. We don’t wanna know! But we’re sure glad it happened!

Why Wild Boar’s Hair?


“Is it really necessary? Can’t I just use a regular brush?”

We get asked these questions a LOT. Yes, it is necessary. No, a regular brush is not as good.

Texture is everything! The type of bristles has a huge effect on your beard’s appearance and health, while dictating the comfort (or discomfort) of the brushing experience.

Natural boar hair bristles are thicker, coarser and stiffer near their base, but get finer and softer towards their tips. This provides them with the perfect combo of stiffness, flexibility, toughness, and softness so you can ease out snags and tangles, exfoliate your skin gently, and distribute essential oils evenly to keep your beard in tip top condition. They’re also all natural – hair for your hair.

Synthetic bristles are made from all kinds of strange materials, but the main one is plastic. They’re stiffer and much more abrasive than natural hairs, which is brutal on your skin and hair follicles. And if you suffer with brittle whiskers, split ends and ingrown hairs, those synthetic brushes are sheer hell.

While other natural hair brushes are available, like horse or badger, beardsmen of distinction worldwide overwhelmingly favor the natural boar bristles. They provide all of the benefits with none of the aggravation.

Is a Comb Really THAT Bad?


YES! In fact, it sucks! A beard comb simply doesn’t have any of the right qualities. The stiff plastic/metal teeth tug and pull on your beard painfully and do absolutely nothing for your skin. If anything, plastic and metal can scratch and irritate your face – and unhappy skin causes unhealthy hair follicles and an unhealthy beard.

Plus a plastic comb generates static electricity – something an all-natural boar hair brush will never do.

The all-in-one beard grooming accessory

When assembling your beard grooming kit, a boar bristle brush is really the first thing you should add to the list. That’s because it does a lot of everything for your beard and skin beneath: it exfoliates, it cleanses, it stimulates, it massages, it distributes moisture and oil, it tames, it de-frizzes, it shapes, it shines, and it softens.

It is quite simply the all-in-one accessory for maintaining a healthy beard. Here we go with its bevy of benefits…

Get your beard in shape

If you leave your beard to run rampant, it’s gonna do just that. As hairs grow longer, they’ll stick out and curl in every direction you can imagine. Your boar bristle brush might be from a wild animal, but it will stop you from looking like one yourself. Daily brushing with it will tame your whiskers to grow and flow in the same direction. You will be the one true master of your beard, making it look neater, fuller, thicker and shinier.

To amp up the training of your beard to the next level, apply some beard balm before brushing and styling. The balm will provide extra hold and health, leaving it smoother and sexier.


Tugging on snagged hairs is painful. A boar hair beard brush banishes that pain. It really is effortless to brush with one. The natural, flexible bristles glide easily, especially if you apply beard oil…

Distribute beard oil perfectly to end frizz and brittleness

Beard oil provides soft shine and essential oils to your face’s pride and joy. That goes double if you have habitually dry whiskers that itch or break. Using a boar bristle brush will distribute that oil evenly, along with your skin’s natural sebum oil, nourishing the hairs and ensuring no weighty oil build-up at the base or the tips. An even coating of those moisturizing oils will strengthen hairs and make them more flexible and elastic. Other kinds of brushes and combs can’t do this so effectively. You’ll also smooth out any snags and tangles while adding control and a lustrous shine.

As your beard progresses to medium and length and longer, the combo of beard oil and a boar brush becomes more and more essential to deal with frizz, knots, dryness, split ends, and brittleness.

Banish itchy beardruff

Annoying beard itch can send any rugged bro off the deep end. Many beardsmen report that itch as being at its worst in the first couple of months of growth, but it can persist – unless the right brush is used.

Then there’s beard dandruff. Beardruff. This nightmare happens when facial skin dries out, often because the face’s natural production of sebum oil can’t keep up to nourish both the skin and the new length of hairs. Beardruff itches, distributes ghastly flakes everywhere, and can sometimes get caught up in pores to cause irritation and even infection.

Enter the wild boar bristle beard brush. Exit flaky bearduff crap. The bristles will gently but firmly clear away the dead skin cells on the surface and throughout the hairs. To ensure total success, keep regularly washing with a dedicated Beard Wash and massaging beard oil right down to the skin.

Stave off ingrown hairs


Clogged pores from accumulated dead skin cells and irritated pores and follicles can sometimes cause hairs to grow in the wrong direction and try to dig an escape tunnel into your face. Ingrown beard hairs can even result in very painful infections.

Whatever you do, don’t pick or squeeze. This is where the toughness of the boar bristles on your beard brush comes to the fore by unclogging, exfoliating, and loosening/lifting ingrown hairs. Sheer relief!

Clean out other crap


Let’s face it, we dudes are not always renowned for being perfect with our hygiene habits. Don’t sweat it. We’re frequently occupied with priorities. Our fellow bros always understand.

But ladies, work colleagues, bosses and even the general public don’t want to see dust, dirt, grass, or even food in our beards.

A comb’s teeth are too thick to remove all the debris. Meanwhile, a brush consisting of stiff synthetic bristles also leaves too much behind.

Wild boar hairs are once again the perfect choice because they have the perfect width, perfect firmness, and perfect flexibility to decrappify your beard.

Ideal for all beards

Finally, a wild boar bristle brush is ideal for all beard lengths and hair types. Long, short, dry, oily, coarse, wiry, curly, whatever… this brush adapts to all. Even with sparse, patchy beard hair and new beards, the boars hair beard brush helps to train the hair directions early, clean the face, stimulate blood flow for healthy follicles, and distribute the face’s natural sebum oil evenly.

Perhaps the best news of all is that you don’t need to kill a wild boar yourself in order to benefit from its bristles. You don’t even have to be close enough to one to trim some of those hairs. It’s easy to buy a wild boar bristle beard brush with zero danger or hassle.

It’s kind of ironic… using a wild animal to make you look and feel less like a beast and more like a stud. But trust us, use the boar brush and guys will envy both you and your face. As for the ladies, they’ll have a hard time keeping their hands off…


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