May 13, 2021

Dude, your patio and grill aren’t the only things to get ready for summer. Your beard also needs a little seasonal prep work to turn it from a wayward winter mug rug into a swarthy summer grass grin.

And it’s not difficult to do! Getting your beard beach ready is way less of a project than working your beach body into shape.

As the heat and humidity rise, we’re gonna give you our top tips to prep and maintain your summer beard – so you can stay sexy and keep things hot and heavy in a good way!

Keep the Beard – Lose the Myths

It’s a weird, annoying myth that a beard is for winter only and must be shorn off for summer. There’s no good reason for this other than the mistaken idea that a beard is somehow a face blanket that will give you beard sweats in the summer heat.

Wrong! A summer beard has plenty of benefits, including that it can help keep you cool during the heaviest dog days.

So save it, don’t shave it! If you must lose something, lose the expiration date and a couple myths…

    MYTH 1. A summer beard is too hot. Nope! In summer, it does not act like a blanket or a balaclava. In reality, a beard will keep sweat and moisture close to your skin longer – and sweating is what your body does to cool itself, especially if you add a breeze. Sweat comes from your pores, not your hairs, so on really hot days you’re still going to sweat, bearded or not.

    ➞ TRUTH: A beard is cool. LITERALLY.

    MYTH 2. A clean-shaven face is “fresher” for summer. Says who? This idea was invented as some societal thing a long time ago and needs to be ditched. Beards are dope and always will be. There is nothing dirty or untidy about facial hair in summer, provided you care for it properly.

    ➞ TRUTH: A summer beard can be just as fresh and neat as a bare face.

          By the way, the cooling effect of a summer beard gets doubled when you take a shower or a swim. There’s just nothing that feels as awesome as a dripping wet beard on a scorcher of a day. Try it!

          Benefit – a Burn Barrier

          Combined with good sun lotion and a hat, your summer beard could literally be a lifesaver. An Australian university study found that a beard and mustache can block out as much as 95% of ultra-violet (UV) rays that cause skin cancer. And Australia is a place where 2/3 people develop skin cancer by age 70, so they know their stuff.

          So keep your beard and keep using proper sun protection for your head, nose, forehead and neck.

          Start Prepping It – Now

          As Memorial Day approaches, start prepping your summer beard for what lies ahead. After all, it’s gonna be soaked in UV rays, pool chlorine, sweat, sugar, BBQ sauce, you name it. So establish a routine to keep it clean and silky soft…

          Summer Lovin’, give it a blast!

          With summer heat comes sweat, sun cream, bug spray, chlorine, stickiness, grease, grime, and plenty of libations. By the end of a day, that’s a lot for your beard to weather.

          Therefore get in the habit of washing it lovingly with an awesome beard conditioner shampoo. Not a regular shampoo or soap because those will strip away essential oils and healthy stuff, leaving your chin whiskers brittle and dry. A true beard shampoo is gentler and brings the goodness your face needs, especially organic oils, antioxidants, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Washing with a beard shampoo will not only freshen everything up and remove dirt and residue, it will go a long way to keeping your facial hair and skin healthy, moisturized and smelling great through the rigors of summer.

          Oil that Puppy Up

          And no, we don’t just mean the sunscreen lotion, although that’s so important. Your summer beard needs extra moisturizing protection from the harsh sun and heat. In fact, we recommend a combination of beard moisturizer and beard oil, both of course made using the finest organic ingredients.

          Yes, we said beard moisturizer as well as oil. Beard hairs are coarse and, when left un-moisturized and un-oiled, can become brittle and itchy as hell during summer. 

          Apply both three times a week. Straight after showering, towel dry your beard, then massage in the beard moisturizer followed by beard oil right down to the skin. An added bonus is they will ward off any annoying itch that can develop from dirt, debris, dry skin, and flaking beard dandruff.

          Switch Things Up a Bit

          To go with your change of wardrobe for summer, and maybe a new hairdo, why not grab a freshly scented beard oil, just for something different?

          Brush up for Summer

          If you’ve ever noticed what heat and humidity can do to your girlfriend’s hair or wife’s long hair, you know it can make things pretty damn floofy and wild. The same frizziness can attack your beard in summer – unless you brush it regularly and lovingly.

          Dude, a beard brush is the manliest thing you can own, especially if it’s made with wild boar bristles. It’s a symbol of rugged virility. Plus it feels awesome! Brush your beard and mustache in a downward motion every day to tame the wildness, get rid of tangles, remove dust and debris, massage your skin, and to keep everything shaped the way you like. Brushing is also the best way to ensure your beard oil is distributed evenly.

          Beach BALM, Not Beach Bum

          When summer humidity becomes extra oppressive and beard frizz is dialed to 11, take your brushing and styling power to a 12 with the right beard balm. The perfect blend of pure oils, butters and beeswax will keep your whiskers in line all damn day. Just rub it in, brush it through, finger style as needed, and you’re good to go.

          Be Sun Smart

          The health and well-being of your summer beard will match your level of healthy sun smartness. So do the right things:

          • Stay hydrated with plain water. Skin cells and hair follicles need water, not a drought. While your beard may decorate the outside of your face, its health begins inside you. Water up!
          • Use sunscreen. If you let the rest of your face burn, you’ll peel and have flakes through your beard.
          • Wear a hat. Keep your nourished summer beard sexy by shielding it from the harshest rays.

          There it is, bro. During the dog days of summer, having a beard definitely does NOT mean you are doomed to be a hotdog, or even a shaggy dog. Follow these dope summer beard tips and you’ll be top dog!

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