October 20, 2022

Q. What turns a decent mustache into a masterpiece?
A. Impeccable styling.

You've gotta have some flair and panache if you want to stand out from the crowd. Or at the very least, you gotta hold that 'stache in place so it stays looking dope all day long.

And when it comes to styling an upper lip flavor saver, there’s really only one product choice: mustache wax.

But is wax difficult to apply? Are there any tricks you need to know?

Your Rugged Bros are here to give you the skinny on how to apply mustache wax. 

What’s Mustache Wax all About?

Think of mustache wax as hair pomade for your upper lip. A significantly stiffer pomade, that is.

Mustache wax helps hold those stubborn, bristly ’stache hairs in place all day long. It also typically contains nourishing beeswax and oils to help soften and strengthen each strand - the good brands do anyway.

Does My Mustache Have to be Long to Use Mustache Wax?

Nope! Within just a few weeks of beginning your mustache, you should be able to apply wax to mold it into shape. The only requirement is that the bristles can be brushed in a sideways direction. If they still stick straight out, wait a little longer.

Other Reasons to Use Wax

  • Unbeatable styling and holding power, nothing else comes close. Without it, mustache hairs can become wild and unruly.
  • It keeps hairs out of your mouth.
  • It provides moisturizing nourishment for your mustache hairs.
  • It conditions skin to reduce itchy flaking.

Can’t I Just Use Regular Hair Wax on My Mustache?

Please don’t. Head hairs and facial hairs are very different. Regular hair wax has ingredients that are too harsh for your prized whiskers. You really don’t want brittle hairs and dry, flaky, itchy skin.

What Should I Look for in a Mustache Wax?

  • 100% free of petroleum, petroleum jelly or toxic petrochemical ingredients.
  • All-natural oils, butters and beeswax.
  • All-day holding power without stickiness or tackiness.

OK, let’s get down to how (and when) to apply mustache wax…

When Should I Apply Mustache Wax?

The best time is after you take a warm shower (not hot) and cleanse your facial hair with premium-quality beard wash. The hairs will be deliciously soft and supple. Applying wax at this stage is like painting on a clean, fresh, new canvas.

Just be sure your mustache hairs are dry. Wax doesn’t adhere and/or set well when your 'stache is moist (yeah, we just said that word 🤫). Then, you can reapply mustache wax at any time.

Bottom-line Basics of Applying Mustache Wax

  1. Warm the tin first.
  2. Scrape out a tiny amount.
  3. Rub it between your thumb and index finger.
  4. Work it into your mustache, starting at the center and working your way to the sides. 
  5. Style as desired.

Keep reading for more details about each… 

    1. Warm the Tin First

      You want the wax in the tin just pliable enough so you can gently scrape out a little with your fingernail.

      If you don’t warm and soften it first, you’ll have a real struggle applying mustache wax. Sitting in its tin at room temperature, it stays pretty stiff. That’s because of the beeswax. 

      There are a few ways you can warm the tin – use a hair dryer for a few seconds, run the tin under warm water, or put the tin in your pocket.

      Just do not place the tin directly on a hot surface and do not melt the wax into a liquid state. 

      But, even after warming the tin, the wax is not yet ready for direct application…

        2. Scrape Out a Tiny Amount

          Use the back of your fingernail to scrape or “shave” out a tiny sliver of wax. Just graze across the surface. Anywhere between the size of a grain of rice and half a pea.

          Don’t dig out a big lump. Go with less to start with - you can always add a smidge more if necessary.

            3. Rub it Between your Thumb and Index Finger

              Rub that little shaving or ball of mustache wax between your thumb and index finger to make it warmer and even more pliable.

              Be sure to even out any tiny lumps you may feel.

              It’s ready to apply when your thumb and index finger are evenly and smoothly coated.

                4. Apply by Working From the Center to the Sides

                  Start applying the wax to the center part of your mustache and work your way to one side with a light, even coat. You can use your beard brush to work the wax through the hairs more evenly. 

                  Repeat on the other side.

                    5. Style as Desired

                      Styling really is up to you, but we strongly recommend brushing and styling from the center to the sides. This flows more naturally to the shape of your upper lip and even the natural direction of the hair growth. It also trains your mustache, if you do it regularly.

                      Style the side tips last. Most guys gather and shape each tip into a point, but that’s up to you. The pointed tip can curl up a little bit - or curl around if the hairs are longer. This part of shaping can take time and practice - especially when it comes to getting your handlebars to look evenly curled.

                      BONUS: How to Handlebar

                      How to create a classic handlebar shape is definitely a FAQ for us when people discuss how to apply mustache wax. Curling and twirling long side hairs into a precise shape can take some practice, but it’s definitely worth persisting and creating that sought-after dashing look.

                      If your side hairs are particularly long or bushy, you may need a tiny dab more wax on each end.

                      • Follow the same five steps as above.
                      • Wrap a corner end around something to create that circular twirl. Good options include your finger or even a glue stick. For a tighter curl, use a pen or pencil.
                      • Hold it in place for at least 15 seconds to really lock things into place. You can even use a hair dryer on cold only to speed up the setting.

                      And that’s how to apply mustache wax. In only a short time, you’ll be a Master. 

                      Now you’re ready to strut with complete confidence that you’re looking as distinguished and distinctive as you imagined on the day you decided to grow facial hair in the first place.

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