May 31, 2022

Are you stuck for a Father’s Day gift idea? Is your bearded Dad or spouse notoriously difficult to shop for? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Leave that mug in the gift store, forget about those dull socks, and let that ugly tie go to somebody less fortunate. And we’ll bet he’s probably got more grill gadgets than he knows what to do with.

It’s time to up the game… because Dad’s worth it…

We’ve got the ultimate Father’s Day gift ideas – beautifully boxed and ready to please the man who has everything, including a fabulous beard. Show how much you love Dad with some beard grooming gift sets that are bursting with the best stuff to take great care of his face’s pride and joy.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: Deluxe Beard Care Kit


The primo #1 beard care kit for the Deluxe Dad. Each in a gorgeous gift box, he gets the motherlode of our very best stuff:

  • Unscented Beard Wash (8oz). Tough yet gentle to tackle the wildest beard on the hardiest, grittiest Dad to leave him feeling cared for and pampered like never before. Formulated with the perfect balance of virgin argan oil, jojoba oil and organic aloe vera leaf juice to ensure maximum nourishing moisture for his whiskers and skin, without any gross chemicals like parabens or sulphates. 
  • Beard Moisturizer (4oz). Extra hydration goes a long way to turn a coarse, wiry beard silky soft and eliminate breakage and split ends.
  • Unscented Beard Oil (2oz). Penetrates deep into beard hair follicles to make Dad’s facial skin as smooth as a baby’s butt. He'll also be happy that it eliminates flaking, beardruff and itching. 
  • Wild Boar’s Hair Beard Brush. The only Beard Brush fit for your Dad! No scratchy, irritating synthetic plastic bristles. Just the gliding pleasure of all-natural boar hair fibers caressing his whiskers and skin to tame the wildest thatch, while distributing his beard oil and brushing away impurities. It features a curved wooden handle to fit his palm snugly and easily follows the curved shapes of his facial features.

Plus remember, each of these come in a badass, manly box – no need to wrap them yourself!

Switch it up, and request the sensational, classic barbershop scent of Citrus and Spice – available in our Beard Wash and Beard Oil. If Dad's facial hair is looking top-notch, it may as well smell invigorating, too! Just send us an email ( or give us a call (888-814-3685) and let us know.

To top it off, this kit is guaranteed with a 30-day money back promise. If you find a better Father’s Day gift idea for your Beardmeister Dad, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

You can get Dad this beard kit here: Deluxe Beard Care Kit


Father’s Day Gift Idea #2: Three-piece Beard Care Kit


If your Dad’s beard is short and his daily routine and vibe are a little simpler, then try this beard gift set for a Father’s Day gift idea…

  • Unscented Beard Wash
  • Beard Moisturizer
  • Unscented Beard Oil 

For the no-fuss Dad, he can care for his beard quickly and easily in the same no-fuss way. A quick wash, then rub in some moisturizer and a drop or two of beard oil and he’s good to go and feeling incredible.

And it’s all sleekly gift boxed, of course.

You can get Dad this beard kit here: 3 Piece Beard Care Kit


Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: Three-piece Beard Care Kit


This Father’s Day, for the Dad with the Wild West of beards, give the essential taming kit. In no time he’ll have that barbed wire bird’s nest converted into an orderly, feathery-smooth delight.

This kit comes with:

  • Wild Boar’s Hair Beard Brush
  • Unscented Beard Wash
  • Unscented Beard Oil

Our Beard Wash will soften and condition Dad’s unruly whiskers. Then with the easy gliding power of the Boar’s Hair Beard Brush, our Beard Oil will penetrate deep into his skin and follicles to transform his beard into a smooth, manageable thing of glory that looks like he came straight from the barber.

If you’d like to add a kickass cherry on top, everything in this kit works great with our unscented Beard Balm. You can grab it here and we’ll ship it with your kit.

You can get Dad this beard kit here: 3 Piece Beard Care Kit


Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Two-piece Beard Care Kit


For the no nonsense Dad, keep it simple with the basics:

  • Wild Boar's Hair Beard Brush
  • Unscented Beard Oil

A couple drops of oil each day will go a long way to keeping Dad’s beard pliable, soft and shiny. And the brush can be used multiple times a day to tame his whiskers and keep them clear of flakes, food and dirt.

You can get Dad this beard kit here: 2 Piece Beard Care Kit


Father’s Day Gift Idea #5: Make a Custom Kit

Self-care is priceless – especially for a Dad who values his face’s prized asset. So let him crank up his beard care ritual to the next level by adding these products to his Father’s Day gift set.

  • Beard Balm. Extra control and style-power for even the ruggedest, wiriest whiskers. Train and tame hairs in the desired direction without greasiness or gunky stiffness. Because we use only the finest ingredients, our Beard Balm also acts as a leave-in beard conditioner.
  • Mustache Wax. A great handlebar mustache requires a great Mustache Wax that’s 100% free of petroleum and chemical nasties. Non-greasy, all-day hold for the all-day amazing Dad.
  • Hair Pomade. Take it up to the next level – literally. Smooth medium hold for Dad’s hairdo so it matches the glory of his beard. No crunch, no brittleness, no residue. Washes out easily with water.

Or you can purchase any of the products in our kits as individual items.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Some very happy bearded bros have left us some amazing feedback about our gift sets and products. Check some of them out…

“Products are outstanding, my beard is so healthy. I'm a diesel tech and let me tell you it is so dusty and dry at my work. Rugged Bros keeps my beard so soft and manageable, love all the products top notch!!!!”


“The shampoo conditioner lathers up great. The fragrance free beard oil relaxes my hair without any weird smell, meaning a flat look and no more flyaway hairs that stick out. The brush is great! It has an ergonomic handle and really tames my beard comfortably. I highly recommend the whole kit!”

“My husband absolutely loved the beard grooming products! In the winter he really lets his beard grow, and he's not the best with the upkeep, but once I gave him the Rugged Bros. grooming kit, and he really liked it, he was using the products all the time and maintaining a much nicer beard!”

It’s time to finally give Dad a gift he truly loves and can use happily – because he’ll look amazing, feel amazing and smell amazing.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. We salute you!


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