February 24, 2021

A yeard is simply a combo of the words “year” and “beard”. You earn your yeard badge of honor once you let your beard grow out for a full year.

But letting your beard grow for 365 days means you’re a whole lot more than just a punsman. It says you are a determined dude who isn’t afraid to go after what you want and to work at it. You’re prepared to stake out a true commitment and stick to it. A man not to be messed with. Bravo!

Growing out your beard for an entire year is an awesome goal, my friend! We stand and applaud you in this commitment to become a truly rugged beardsman! You’ll love it – provided you follow our yeard beard tips here. Because there’s more to it than just shoving the razor in a drawer and forgetting about it.

First off, bro, we’re here to encourage you, cheer for you, and advise you every step of the way on your epic journey of transformation. Second, in this blog we’ll show you what to expect over the next 12 months. And third, we’ll show you some smart grooming practices to care for your yeard beard, so that your manly mane is not a mess, but a work of art that makes you feel, look, and smell amazing.

Enjoy the journey and the new you, my man!

It won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen

Our best advice from the outset is… patience, grasshopper! A yeard is not a whim or a quick fad idea. It’s a commitment that requires a lot more patience and care than a regularly trimmed beard. It’s a true test of your manhood!

By the end of twelve months, your yeard will be fuller and longer than your regular beard. Stay the course and you will become a beard legend. Guaranteed.

Will I look Okay?

Of course you will! You’ll look different. Good different… suave, distinguished, sophisticated, assured. 365 days of growth will have you looking a cut above the rest.

Your efforts will pay off big time – provided you keep your beard clean, groomed, and styled. Don’t think that sacrificing shaving means sacrificing basic hygiene and cleanliness. Far from it!

Two issues to brace yourself for

Be ready for some patches of doubt, amigo. There will be times when you’ll think the reality of growing a yeard doesn’t match your expectations and you may wonder if it’s all worth it. Take a deep breath and leave the razor alone, friend! Keep going! It’s perfectly natural to wonder about a new look that takes time to develop. To ease your doubts, take pictures of your progress each month. They’ll give you confidence and inspiration to keep at it.
Pressure from others
It’s possible that your partner or your family or friends won’t adjust well to your yeard progress. Or perhaps somebody at work. This kind of pressure can be tough to deal with and cause you much self-doubt. Try to be understanding of others’ feelings while remembering that this project is about you more than anybody else. Be patient with others, just as you must be with your yeard. It will grow on them – as well as on you – and they should eventually adjust to your new badass look.

The early months – three common issues

1. Beard itch
Sorry, dude, but a little itching in the first month or two is pretty much inevitable. It’s normal and it will pass! Don’t start from scratch and don’t let it put you off your yeard beard project! Newly growing hairs have sharp ends that cause itching and irritation. Those ends will round out in a short time. Be sure you wash your new stubble and apply a little soothing beard moisturizer. The itching will end soon and it’s plain sailing after that.
2. Patchiness
If your new beard growth has bare patches amidst scraggly-looking hairs, there is nothing wrong! You’re normal! Within a few weeks, those hairs will connect up and fill the gaps.
3. Is it growing too slow?
NO! For almost every man on the planet, facial hair grows about half an inch per month. Remember… patience.

Forget the purists and groom a little

Some purists will say that it’s not a real yeard beard if you trim or sculpt your bristles in any way in those 12 months. Why? Who made them the Beard Police? It’s perfectly OK to do some of this judicious landscaping along the way and still confidently call yours a yeard:

  • Trim your mustache to stop it curling over your upper lip, which can become very irritating. This trimming will eventually make all the mustache hairs look the same length and meet up at the lip line.
  • Straighten your cheek lines if you wish. This is a personal judgment call.
  • Trim away the odd stray hairs.

For a BIG beard, let your neckline grow

Your neckline is different than your cheeks and mustache. While you may have a desire to keep a nice straight neckline, shaving and trimming this bottom area of your beard will make it look shorter and less dense, at least in the first few months. For a long yeard beard, keep the razor or trimmer in the drawer and away from your neck for a while. Sculpt it later when it has thickened up.

Month 2 and beyond – wash, oil, brush, style

Whether you trim or not, you should definitely care for and groom your developing beard, even pamper it. You’ll look good, smell good, and you’ll start to really enjoy the yeard process.

  • Wash it. This is not a suggestion, friend. It’s a necessity. If you don’t, your beard will look and smell odd. Use a top quality beard conditioning shampoo to remove dust, dirt, impurities, even food particles, so your mane will shine and be easier to manage. A beard shampoo that’s rich in organic argan oil and Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids will help to preserve helpful oils and hydration in your beard, while keeping it shiny and fresh. A regular head shampoo won’t cut it. That stuff will strip away the essential oils that reduce irritation and promote beard health.
  • Oil it. Invest in a quality beard oil. This will hydrate your skin to reduce flaking (called beardruff) and cut off any itching at the source. The oil will also keep the beard hairs supple and easier to manage and groom.
  • Brush it. Using a good beard brush is one life’s unsung glories. Don’t bother with a plastic comb. A brush of wild boar bristles will tame, shape, and pamper your developing beard like nothing else.

After 6 months

By now your yeard beard looks truly intentional and is filling out. Yes! Still, many men at this point become concerned that their growth has stalled out, because they can’t see much progress going on. This can even raise doubts about the entire yeard commitment.

No way it’s stopped, man. Stay the course and let it continue! Our cheering and encouraging for you is only getting louder! You’ve come this far, let it continue. It’s about to get amazing!

What’s pretty common around the 6-month mark is for longer beard hairs to begin curling. While the length may seem to have stalled and things seem uneventful, this is the time when volume and fullness really crank up. Refer back to photos you’ve been taking of your progress, because then you’ll see the changes.

Towards the end of a year – shape up!

Almost there! What a journey!

Now is when your yeard might be getting pretty wild and woolly, so some pruning is definitely in order. Nothing major, mind you. We’re not advocating anything that could jeopardize the integrity of your yeard, just some shape and style.

  • Keep trimming stray hairs.
  • Even up the edges. Maybe straighten the neckline, if you wish.
  • Trim and taper your sideburns to look sculpted and blend in with your hairstyle. Chances are they’ve become pretty voluminous and straggly.
  • Keep brushing it and use a beard balm. A good balm with an ideal mixture of pure oils and no chemical ingredients will tame the frizzy hairs and let you give your glorious “Canadian scarf” the kind of shape you imagined when you started all those months ago.

You made it!

At the end of 365 days, you are officially a Beard Legend! Congrats, bro! Respect! What you do now is up to you. You can keep your yeard beard or you can trim it down a little. Another idea is to visit a stylist and have it trim-sculpted into something that will look ready for a photo shoot. Whatever you do, be sure to celebrate this achievement as a milestone in your life. An entire year ago, you set out on a long journey.

In that time, you’ve transformed yourself and smashed some major goals along the way. So enjoy the heck out of it!

Oh, and accept the compliments that will come your way, because there will be plenty, O Beardmaster.

Send us your awesome yeard journey photos and we’ll feature you! Reach out to us at info@thruggedbros.com

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