March 22, 2021

“Honey, you know I love you, but… can you please shave?”

Oof! Bro, if you’ve had this said to you, we feel your pain. Sadly, not every woman loves a beard touching their face. And, as much as we may try to deny it, the lady rules the roost. 

So, what’s a guy to do? 

Before you pull out the razor, here are the most common reasons your lady will ask you to part ways with your beloved beard - and how to avoid them…

Your Beard Looks Unkempt

We’re in the midst of a pandemic and being a tad lax in the personal grooming department is a little more acceptable these days. We get it.

However, there’s a fine line between the forgivable “pandemic look” and just plain unkempt. And you can bet your boots that women notice the second you cross that line.

What you can do...

Brush. Brushing after washing and oiling helps condition and soften the hairs even more, and spreads the oil around evenly. Plus a beard brush made from wild boar bristles feels freakin’ amazing!

Balm up. With the right beard balm, made from a combo of oils and butters and a touch of beeswax, you’ll condition your beard to feel even softer, while being able to shape it to a sculpted, distinguished look that is irresistibly masculine.

Seek the pros. A professional trim can make an enormous difference to your beard’s appeal, especially if your wife/girlfriend is involved in helping the barber shape and sculpt it. Heck, do the same with your head hair!

Your Beard Irritates Her Skin

This is a big one. You must keep your beard feeling smooth & kissable. Must.

It may not be the beard itself that’s the issue, but how it feels. There are solutions for that! You need to care for it like it’s a newborn baby. Make it soft and silky so it becomes something she actually wants to touch!

What you can do...

Oil. Instantly cut down on scratchiness by rubbing in a few drops of beard oil after washing. A combo of natural oils, especially organic argan oil and jojoba, will make your facial forest feel fabulous. A lightly-scented beard oil may score your beard some sexy points too!

Moisturize. To keep beard hairs from becoming brittle, dry, and irritatingly scratchy, a good moisturizer is a must! As a bonus, moisturizing regularly will also hydrate the skin beneath the beard to ward off flaky, unsightly beardruff.

Keep growing. Short beard hairs feel sharp and spiky and can cause unpleasant beard rash on your lady’s face. That’s because new growing hairs and short-trimmed hairs have abrupt, sharp ends that scratch and irritate. With a little time, longer beard hairs become rounded and softer at the ends. Therefore, a medium to long beard is so much softer and more comfy.

Trim the stache. When a lady says she’s not into kissing a furry face, frequently the issue comes down to the top lip, not the entire beard. That’s because mustache hairs growing over the lip can be super annoying and irritating when they scratch against her lips. So trim your mustache. It will feel much better – for you as well as her.

Your Beard Stinks, Man

Men spend a lot of time trying to keep their beard looking and feeling sly, but oftentimes forget about how it smells. Not to mention, our beards are literally right under our nose. We smell it 24/7. This can make us, well, kinda oblivious to beard stink when it arises.

If your beard smells bad, it can go from being sexy, to a “get it away from me” nuisance to your lady - in a heartbeat!

Oh, in case you’re one of those guys who likes to cover stink with stink (we know who you are), you can skip the old cologne in the beard trick - that just masks the smell and can make the situation WAY worse. Just don’t.

What you can do...

Wash it - correctly. Use a beard conditioner shampoo, not a regular shampoo and definitely not soap. A good beard shampoo will be free of nasty parabens, sulphate, phosphate, and silicone. What you want is one rich in antioxidants as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids so your beard will be well hydrated. A properly washed and hydrated beard is soft (never rough) and smells great!

By investing in high-level beard grooming products, you’ll not only improve the texture of your beard, you may remove any ideas your partner may have about it being “dirty”.

*Bonus Tip: Get Her Involved

Crank the togetherness up a notch by making your beard care an enjoyable two-person project. If she is willing and able, ask your lady to do the washing, oiling, brushing, and even trimming. With this kind of bonding, she may develop a deeper affection for your facial hair – and for you! It’s also sensual as can be!


Stay rugged, my friends.


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