October 16, 2021

Think all the good Halloween costumes are for clean-shaven dudes? Think again! Bearded Halloween costumes are the baddest and the best. And plenty of them are dead easy! (Dead… get it?)

Put the trimmers away, keep the beard brush and beard balm handy, and feast your whiskers on these bristling badass beard outfits. We’ve got some classics, some favorites and plenty of superheroes.

John Wick – short beard 

“The man. The myth. The legend.” 

Wick is one handsome hit man. With more (onscreen) kills than you can count, he’s a perfect scary character for the spooky season.

You just need a short and dark beard, longer hair (or wig), a few makeup cuts, a dark suit, a black shirt, a black tie, a gun and a dog. Even a toy dog will do, even though “it wasn’t just a puppy.”

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Obi-Wan Kenobi – short beard

He’s only one of the most powerful Jedi Masters ever. We think his power came more from his beard than the Force.

You’ve got the choice of the younger or the older Obi-Wan, depending on the color of your beard. Choose your look from Star Wars episodes II, III or IV. But with just a long brown hooded robe and a blue lightsaber, you’ll keep the Dark Side at bay for Halloween. Work on your refined English accent, too.

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Black Panther – short beard

Chadwick Boseman may be sadly gone, but you can honor him and Wakanda forever! With that impeccable chinstrap beard, he transformed into a truly regal stud. Add the robes or the panther suit and it was Swoon City. The coolest superhero ever.

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Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – graying beard

Mark Hamill sported a commanding salt and pepper face thatch in The Last Jedi, making him look grizzled, gnarled and grumpy. You don’t even have to care for your beard much in the run up to October 31st. Let it get a little unkempt. Then get some robes, a green lightsaber and a black glove for the (bionic) right hand. You could amp up the Halloween grossness by drinking some green milk at parties.

Nick Fury – bald head with short goatee

The dude runs the entire Avengers team! That’s a man not to be trifled with.

If you’ve got the bald head with a goatee, all you need is the eye patch and the long coat to transform into this bad m---erf---er. A bearded Halloween costume couldn’t be simpler.

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Deadshot (from Suicide Squad) – bald head with a short, full beard

Staying with the superhero theme, another option for the bald head with a beard is Deadshot. Will Smith rocked the snot out of this look. If you can get the costume, especially the eyepiece, you too can be “the light, the way”. You could even modify a Deadpool costume.

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Thor – You choose which version

If you have that thick, rugged, lighter-shaded beard, you know it’s damn sexy and imposing, like Chris Hemsworth. 

The God of Thunder has sported several looks, from the classic short beard with long hair to the Ragnarok thicker beard with short hair to the Endgame long beard with the fat suit, sunglasses and a beer.

You also get to choose whether to wield Mjölnir or Stormbreaker. Or both!

(If you have a bearded friend, he could “copy” Thor’s beard like in Infinity War in a slightly ragged Captain America outfit.)

Aquamaaan – medium length beard

There are swarthy, rugged, sexy, bearded men… and then there’s Jason Momoa, the swarthy, rugged, sexy, bearded god-man. We expect Aquaman to be a popular Halloween costume this year, as it has been for the last few years. 

It doesn’t matter if your beard is dark or a bit blonder, just be sure it’s in a ducktail shape. And if you suffer from patchy cheeks, this is definitely one for you. You just trim the cheeks closer and lower to accentuate the ducktail part and the bushy mustache.

Don’t forget your mighty quindent!

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Bob Ross – medium length beard

Everybody recognizes the distinctive Bob Ross look, so you’re guaranteed to be popular! The iconic nice guy artist wrote The Joy of Painting but should have also written The Joy of Bearding. With a beard, a fro wig, a pale blue business shirt, and a palette and brush, you’ll be like the happy little trees he painted. 

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Got a REALLY BIG beard?... Hagrid

For the biggest and heaviest hedge, go with the biggest and heaviest wizard from the Harry Potter world. Rubeus Hagrid’s beard is pure magic. Just tease yours out and add a wig to match. The costume is pretty simple and you can have a blast copying his distinctive accent (especially how he says “Hermione”).

If you happen to have a giant hound dog, that won’t go astray, either.

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Got a white beard?... Santa

Why wait until Christmas? Bust out the Santa costume and take advantage of your snowy white whiskers at Halloween. Especially if you zombie Santa up or strut around with some creepy elves. 

For this fall time of year, who knows what’s in Santa’s big sack or what special “gifts” he might bring the naughty people. You could even dirty up the costume a bit and be Bad Santa like Billy Bob Thornton.

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Got no time? Here are some straight up simple ideas…

These are the dead-easiest bearded Halloween costume ideas.


    Simple, easy to identify, always popular. And sexy because you get to dress sharp! There’s the classic look with pencil-thick black beard and cape or a longer pointed beard with a classy dark suit and hot tie. Go to town on the makeup, grab a pitchfork, add a tail, and enjoy the heck out of Halloween!  


      Just make your beard into part of your mane. Lion costumes are easy to find. It’s up to you how fancy you want to make your lion – maybe with curls for your hair and beard or some special makeup. This is one roaringly good Halloween costume for a bearded bro.


        Go wild, feral and shaggy and make the most of your whiskers. If you have mutton chops, you can really tease them out with a beard brush and some beard balm. Add some other facial hair, some makeup and some teeth. If you can find furry gloves with claws, even better. People howl all the time at Halloween, so why shouldn’t you?


          Cute, quirky, simple. If your beard isn’t white, use an old toothbrush to add white shoe polish. Yes, for real. It washes out. Don’t use powder – it just gets everywhere and won’t stay in your beard.

            These have been our favorite bearded Halloween costumes. There are plenty more. We just don’t want you missing out on all the fall fun simply because you have a beard. Some of the greatest, funnest, most iconic Halloween outfits have featured beards. 

            So keep your prized beard looking good, bro, let your imagination run riot, and get into the spooky season!

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